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Rostec is helping to develop the Arctic

KRET and other Rostec Corporation holdings are actively engaged in strengthening the northern borders of Russia

  • KRET and other Rostec Corporation holdings are actively engaged in strengthening the northern borders of Russia
  • Rostec is helping to develop the Arctic

Rostec, April 08, 2015 - In recent years, the Arctic has been undergoing considerable development.

About a year ago, at a meeting of the Marine Board, it was noted that a struggle is underway today to consolidate influence in the region. Thus, strengthening the northern border is one of Russia’s priority tasks. KRET and other Rostec enterprises are actively involved in accomplishing this, with Rostec products are already being put to effective use in the Arctic.

The Arctic, Russia's priority

Over the years, due to the severity of its climate and remoteness, the Arctic region has not been considered a potential area of ​​interest. But the Arctic is an icy desert only at first glance. Today we know that the Arctic shelf is home to huge reserves of mineral resources. In addition, due to a gradual change in climate, melting glaciers have made the region more accessible for shipping and development.

In developing the Arctic, Russia rightfully holds a leading position. This is obvious: the Arctic coastline of the Russian Federation is about 20,000 kilometers, or half the length of the equator. In terms of population in the Arctic region, Russia surpasses European countries and America: the population of the Russian Arctic is more than 2 million people, while American and Canadian citizens in this region together number about 800,000 people.The arctic zone provides about a quarter of Russia's exports and is home to a powerful industrial sector, as the scale of economic activity and production significantly outperforms that of other polar countries. As a result, about two-thirds of the region’s total wealth is created in the Russian Arctic.

The Northern Sea Route is a national transport unit. A large number of ports and bases have been built on the Arctic coast: Dixon, Khatanga, Tiksi, and others.

The annual North Pole expedition has been taking place from the Soviet era to the present day. Every year during April, the legendary drifting ice base Barneo, created under the auspices of the Russian Geographical Society, becomes the main scientific and tourist center in the Arctic. The base not only facilitates research but also attracts tourists who want to go near to the North Pole.

This year, Borneo will be the destination for the Arctic-2015 polar expedition, which is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War.

In memory of heroes

The Arctic-2015 expedition is designed to recall the heroic battles for the Arctic and its enormous role during the Second World War.

During the expedition, an eternal flame will be ceremonially lit for the first time at the polar station. A part of the eternal flame from Poklonnaya Hill will be given to the Governor of Svalbard in an oil lamp in honor of the anniversary of the liberation of the northern regions of Norway in the fall of 1944 and in respect and admiration of the feats of Russian and Norwegian soldier-liberators.

The conquest of the Russian North was one of the most important strategic goals of the German command during the Second World War. To achieve this goal, the army designated as Norway, consisting of two German and one Finnish corps and supported by the forces of the Fifth Air Force and the German Navy, was concentrated in the Arctic region.

Currently the Arctic is a strategically important territory, and the strengthening of the northern borders is one of Russia’s priority tasks. Rostec is focusing on the primary task of providing technological security. As is well known, Russia’s north has a lot of the country’s critical infrastructure, including nuclear power plants, nuclear devices stored on Navy ships, and communication elements. The holding company Ruselectronics produces electron-component foundations, as well as electronic products and materials used in Arctic emergency rescue centers.

KRET products created specifically for this region are capable of withstanding extremely low temperatures and can overcome any technical difficulties caused by climatic conditions. As part of the state program for developing the Arctic, KRET is actively equipping the military infrastructure in the region. One of the main aspects is reviving and strengthening the Arctic with electronic warfare and radar systems.

KRET’s unique electronic warfare and radar systems provide protection for strategically important areas in a harsh climate. In particular, the concern will provide air defense forces of the Arctic region with new, high-performance Krasukha ground-based electronic warfare systems.

Aircraft will also be based in groups on the Arctic coast of Russia in Murmansk, Vorkuta, Norilsk, and Anadyr.

Rostec enterprises are developing unique technologies and producing products specially adapted for the effective implementation of tasks in the Arctic, such as the Pantsir surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery weapon system developed by the Tula Instrument Design Bureau, part of the holding company High Precision Systems. Not long ago, the Arctic version of Pantsir was sent to the New Siberian Islands, where Russia has resumed a military presence.

Russian Helicopters is developing the Mi-8AMTSh-VA, a modified version of the famous Mi-8 helicopter, specifically for the Arctic. Its design uses technologies found in spacecraft, specifically the ability of the helicopter to function in the low temperatures and limited visibility of the Far North, including operations in the polar night. According to the designers, the helicopter will be able to perform tasks even when there are difficulties with orientation, for example, during the loss of satellite signals.

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