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Eagle Copters Australasia at Rotortech 2016

Eagle Copters Eagle Single, Eagle 407HP and the Eagle Generation II Digital Audio System (P139-HD) will be on display at Rotortech show in Twin Waters, Australia, May 27-29

Eagle 407HP replaced existing Rolls‐Royce
M250‐C47 engine by a Honeywell HTS900‐2‐1D

Eagle 407HP replaced existing Rolls‐Royce M250‐C47 engine by a Honeywell HTS900‐2‐1D

Eagle Copters Australasia, May 27, 2016 - Twin Waters, Australia - Eagle Copters Ltd.announced today it will showcase two of its class-defining VFR helicopters and the most capable Digital Audio System available today at this year’s Australian Helicopter Industry Association’s Rotortech (Rotortech) show in Twin Waters, Australia from May 27-29, 2016.

The Eagle Single, Eagle 407HP and the Eagle Generation II Digital Audio System (P139-HD) will be on display.

“Rotortech is gaining momentum every year, and once again, we are delighted to participate in full force with our innovative helicopter solutions,” said Stephane Arsenault, VP – Sales & Marketing for Eagle Copters Ltd. “With a very similar market as Canada, Eagle’s home base, as well as the Eagle Copters Australasia’s management team we are well positioned in understanding Australian operators and their needs.”

Eagle Copters Australasia is proud to support the Australian helicopter industry while bringing new technologies and innovations to the market “We are very happy to be exhibiting and sponsors at this year’s Rotortech and showing off the Eagle Single, the Eagle 407HP and the Eagle Digital Audio system, said Grant Boyter, CEO, Eaglecopters Australasia.”

With a comprehensive product portfolio and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Eagle Copters Ltd. and it’s affiliate Eagle Australasia Pty Ltd. continue to grow its expertise in the helicopter industry. From Audio Systems to the Eagle 407HP to the Eagle Single, Eagle Copters Ltd. offers leading-edge solutions to the utility helicopter operator, whatever their requirements may be.

Eagle Single helicopter: The Eagle Single, by virtue of a Supplemental Type Certificate, converts the venerable Bell 212 helicopter from a twin-engine to a single-engine application utilizing the Honeywell T53 engine. The conversion maintains the Type Certificate of the Bell 212, while the resulting loss of weight from removing one engine has allowed the Eagle Single to set new performance standards for operators. Operational costs are reduced allowing for more profits. Reliability has been enhanced by incorporating modern day avionics and instrumentation. The Eagle Single has been designed and is now poised to become the helicopter of choice in the medium lift market.

Eagle 407HP helicopter: The Eagle 407HP conversion replaces the Rolls Royce C47 turbine engine with a next-generation Honeywell HTS900, substantially improving high-altitude and hot ambient temperature performance of the Bell 407 – already considered one of the best and most versatile helicopter’s ever made- to give helicopter operators a more powerful, yet surprisingly, more fuel efficient aircraft. Developed with safety, performance and affordability as top requirements, the new Eagle 407HP is ideally suited for playing an even more demanding role wherever outperformance is a must: in security and law enforcement, utility services such as pipeline and power line construction, forest management, heli-skiing, firefighting, EMS and more.

Eagle Generation II Digital Audio System (P139-HD): The P139-HD Digital Audio System is the latest airborne Communication Management System, designed to reduce the communication workload in Law Enforcement, homeland Security, EMS and ENG operations. The P139-HD builds on EAGLE Avionics System's proven track record of modular audio systems by introducing the size, power and weight benefits of digital audio technology while retaining compatibility with the wide range of customizable digital control panels designed for any application. The P139-HD consists of a central Audio Router and a number of control heads communicating over the 4-wire GNET bus.

About Eagle Copters Ltd.: Eagle Copters Ltd. is a privately owned and operated business of 40 years, with a well-earned reputation for taking a highly personalized approach to providing leading helicopter solutions to customers worldwide. Specializing in sales, leasing, product development and engineering, and a Bell Platinum Customer Service provider, Eagle Copters has the expertise and unique capabilities to serve and support across virtually every aspect of the industry. Additionally, it has the certifications, experience and proven reliability to meet the needs of a diversity of government and business sector clients, active in security, defense, utilities, emergency medical services and more. Founded in 1975 and still based in Calgary, Alberta, today’s Eagle Copters has subsidiaries and affiliated operations in Springfield, Missouri (USA), Santiago, (Chile) and Coff’s Harbour, NSW (Australia).

About Eagle Copters Australasia Pty. Ltd.: Eagle Copters Australasia Pty. Ltd. is a privately owned and operated business bringing together the talents of Australian company, AeroAssist with the experience of one of the international leaders in the industry, Eagle Copters Ltd. Based at Coffs Harbour, NSW, the companies strength lies in its location, depth of experience, utilising the skills of its professional team in providing innovative solutions to meet clients needs.

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