21-sep-20    to    15-oct-20

Exercise Joint Warrior 20-2

21-sep-20    to    15-oct-20

united kingdom Scotland and Western Isles


Dates UnitModels
    21sep20 to 15oct20 UK 815 NAS Fleet Air Arm AW159 Wildcat HMA2
    21sep20 to 15oct20 UK 847NAS Royal Marines AW159 Wildcat AH1

Not all models shown may have taken part in the Operation

helicopter   Individual helicopters

Model IDs
AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat HMA2 ZZ530    


Aircraft Carrier V STOL   Queen Elizabeth class Royal Navy R08 HMS Queen Elizabeth,
Guided-Missile Destroyer   Arleigh Burke Flight I class US Navy DDG-68 USS The Sullivans, US Navy DDG-71 USS Ross,
Guided-Missile Destroyer   De Zeven Provinciën class Royal Netherlands Navy F805 Hr.Ms. Evertsen,
Guided-Missile Destroyer   Type 45 Daring class Royal Navy D34 HMS Diamond, Royal Navy D36 HMS Defender,
Frigate   City class Canadian Armed Forces FFH 330 HMCS Halifax, Canadian Armed Forces FFH 332 HMCS Ville de Quebec, Canadian Armed Forces FFH 333 HMCS Toronto,
Frigate   Type 23 Duke class Royal Navy F238 HMS Northumberland, Royal Navy F78 HMS Kent,
Support Ship   Tide class Royal Fleet Auxiliary A139 RFA Tideforce,
Support Ship   Lewis and Clark class US Navy T-AKE-13 USNS Medgar Evers,
Support Ship   Resolve class Canadian Armed Forces NRU Asterix,
Support Ship   Fort II class (1992) Royal Fleet Auxiliary A387 RFA Fort Victoria,

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