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Aeroleo Taxi Aereo
Established in 1968 to provide service and support to the domestic oil and gas industry. In 2008, Aeróleo became a partner of Era Helicopters


Petrobras Cancels Aeroleo EC225 and AW139 Tender, 21-Oct-15 : Petrobras cancels tender for 4 EC225 and 4 AW139 from ERA Group/Aeróleo Taxi Aero in light of the ongoing challenges in the macroeconomic environment and continued low price of oil.

Model Types

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  AW AW1892017
  AW AW1392010
  Agusta ab1392009
  EC Super Puma/Cougar2004
  Sikorsky S-762002
  Sikorsky S-61 H-31997

List of Aircraft

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AW189 49025 ? : Aeroleo Taxi Aereo / ERA Helicopters; Mar17 pictured at Rio de Ja ...
AW189 49028 2015? : Aeroleo Taxi Aereo / ERA Helicopters; Mar17 at Rio de Janeiro ...
S-61N Mk.II 61-745 1978PP-MNL : Aeroleo taxi aereo 2000-2010; ex G-BFMY; to N420SC
ab139 31051 2006PP-NLX : Aeroleo from Jul09, ex N805HD
AW139 41002 2007PR-AEH : Aeroleo Taxi Aereo from 25may15, Aeroporto de Macae
AW139 41263 2011PR-AEK : Aeroleo Taxi Aereo from Nov15
S-61N Mk.II 61-808 1978PR-AEL : Aeroleo
AW139 41001 2007PR-CDV : Aeroleo from Jul11, ex HS-SFG
: Aeroleo Offshore
AS332L Super Puma 2170 1985PR-CFM : Aeroleo, from G-PUMI
ab139 31040 2006PR-CFX : Aeroleo from Oct09, ex N125ED; 18oct11 pictured (bot) at Aeropor ...
S-76A 76-0279 1984PR-EDA : Aeroleo Taxi Aereo
ab139 31049 2006PR-EFX : Aeroleo d/d Sep09; 2010 picture at Buzios, Brazil
: 28oct11 pictured (top) at Aeroporto Internacional de Cabo Frio
ab139 31027 2005PR-FAR : Aeroleo Nov10-Jul15
AS332L1 Super Puma 2468 1997PR-FNT : Aeroleo Sep04-Aug10
AS332L1 Super Puma 2381 1992PR-GDR : Aeroleo Jul04-Jul10
S-76A 76-0266 1984PR-GPC : Aeroleo, noted Jul11
AS332L2 Super Puma 2477 1998PR-HPG : Aeroleo; ex G-PUMM; to LN-OHM
S-61N 61-488 1971PR-HRS : Aeroleo ?; HRT O G Exploracao e Producao de Petroleo Ltda, lsd Er ...
S-76A 76-0238 1984PR-IMH : Aeroleo?
S-76A 76-0280 1984PR-LCL : Aeroleo taxi aereo
AW139 41021 2008PR-MLL : Aeroleo 2011, ex N339DF; 20oct11 pictured at Cabo Frio, Rio de Ja ...
AW139 41003 2007PR-MRT : Aeroleo from 2011
S-76A 76-0085 1980PR-NLF : Aeroleo 2002, ex N1547K
AW139 41010 2008PR-NLN : Aeroleo d/d Mar10, ex N375GC
EC225LP 2680 PR-PLL : Aeroleo from 2010
AW139 31071 2006PR-PMS : Aeroleo 2015, lsd
AW139 41004 2007PR-RSV : Aeróleo from Mar15
EC225LP 2685 2008PR-VLL : Aeroleo from 2010
AW139 41201 2008PR-WSG : Aeroleo from Dec11, lsd ERA; 12jan12 Customs Rio de Janeiro 00031 ...
: 06mar16 serving Petrobras at Macaé Airport
212 30761 PT-HJN : Aeroleo, Bell serial N49690; w/o 09mar83 off Macae, RJ. 11 fatali ...
212 31123 PT-HQG : Aeroleo Taxi Aereo, noted 2002
S-76A 76-0175 1981PT-YAU : Aeroleo from Oct95; w/o 22aug03 during training at Macae Airport, ...
S-76A 76-0277 PT-YAY : Aeroleo taxi aereo
S-61N Mk.II 61-757 1976PT-YCF : Aeroleo Nov96-Jun05
S-61N Mk.II 61-825 1980PT-YEK : Aeroleo Taxi Aereo 1997-2002

35 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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