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  • 2009 to present

    Aeroleo Taxi Aereo AB139

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    31051 2006     PP-NLX: Aeroleo from Jul09, ex N805HD
    ERA Helicopters N805HD: ERA Helicopters Jul06-Jun09
    41002 aw1392007     PR-AEH: Aeroleo Taxi Aereo from 25may15, Aeroporto de Macae
    ERA Helicopters N540DJ: ERA Helicopters Aug07-Jun08

    ERA Apr14-May15

    Transportes Aereos Pegaso XA-UKE: Pegaso Jul08-2014
    41263 aw1392011     PR-AEK: Aeroleo Taxi Aereo Nov15-2019?
    ERA Helicopters N561RV: ERA Helicopters Jul11-Nov15

    ERA Sep19

    41001 aw1392007     PR-CDV: Aeroleo from Jul11, ex HS-SFG
    AgustaWestland USA N428NE: AgustaWestland, PA, also I-EASJ, to ERA

    ERA Helicopters N428NE: ERA Offshore Jun07-Dec10, to HS-SFG

    SFS Aviation HS-SFG: SFS Aviation Dec10-Jun11, ex N428NE, to PR-CDV
    31040 2006     PR-CFX: Aeroleo from Oct09, pictured (pic2) at Aeroporto Internaci+
    ERA Helicopters N125ED: ERA Helicopters Apr06-Oct09; 2008 lsd to Helicopteros +

    Helicopteros Marinos N125ED: Helicopteros Marinos lsd 2008; pictured (pic1) image at+
    31049 2006     PR-EFX: Aeroleo d/d Sep09; 2010 picture at Buzios, Brazil
    ERA Helicopters N609JS: ERA Helicopters Jul06-Aug09
    31027 2005     PR-FAR: Aeroleo Nov10-Jul15
    ERA Helicopters N139EH: ERA Nov05-2009

    ERA from Oct15

    Transportes Aereos Pegaso XA-UMG: Pegaso 2009-2010
    41021 aw1392008     PR-MLL: pictured at Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro
    ERA Helicopters N339DF: Era Helicopters Oct08-Nov10
    41003 aw1392007     PR-MRT: Aeroleo from 2011; May20 still
    ERA Helicopters N156JS: ERA Helicopters Sep07-Aug11
    41010 aw1392008     PR-NLN: Aeroleo d/d Mar10, ex N375GC
    ERA Helicopters N375GC: ERA Helicopters May08-Dec09, lsd to Argentina

    Helicopteros Marinos N375GC: Helicopteros Marinos 2008; 04 pictured at Comodoro Riva+
    31032 2006     PR-NSP: Aeróleo Táxi Aéreo (Era Brazil subsidiary) from Jan15
    ERA Helicopters N813DG: ERA Helicopters Feb06-Aug11, pictured Ç(pic1) (pic2); +
    31071 aw1392006     PR-PMS: Aeroleo 2015, lsd
    ERA Helicopters N307JN: ERA Helicopters Dec06-Dec14
    41004 aw1392007     PR-RSV: Aeróleo from Mar15
    ERA Helicopters N149DH: ERA Offshore Nov07-Mar15; pictured unk

    At Heli-Expo 2008, Houston TX, 24-26 Feb
    41201 aw1392008     PR-WSG: Aeroleo from Dec11, lsd ERA; 12jan12 Customs Rio de Janeiro +
    AgustaWestland USA N339MS: AgustaWestland, PA Nov08; First American long nose AW13+

    ERA Helicopters N339MS: Era Helicopters Jan09-Sep11

    Helicopteros Marinos N339MS: HM Sep/Dec 2011, lsd ERA

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