algeria Al Quwwat Aljawwiya Aljaza Eriiya

Algerian Air Force



Delivery of the first EC225 to Algeria, 22-Dec-04 : On 22 December 2004, the first series production EC 225 to roll off the Marignane assembly lines was officially delivered to the Ministerial Air Liaisons Group (GLAM) of the Algerian Republic. This helicopter in VIP livery will join the prestigious transport squadron, which serves the Presidency of the Algerian Republic.

Model Types

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  RusHeli Mi-26T22016
  Mil Mi-28 Havoc2016
  AW AW139M112014
  AW AW101 6422013
  AW AW119Ke Koala82013
  PZL W-3A 2012
  EC EC225LP220052011
  Bell 41232002
  SNIA SE3130 Alouette II219641984