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300C S1601 1992LQ-AFB : Entre Rios Province Police (P.E.R.) /PE-02, test serial N3623Y
HB350B3 Esquilo 3867 2006LQ-BEL : Policia Bonaerense, test serial PP-MAX; pictured (pic1) with fire ...
: 26 pictured (pic2) at La Plata airfield
: pictured (pic3) at La Plata
HB350B3 Esquilo 3884 2006LQ-BEN : Policia Bonaerense
: pictured (pic1) (pic2) at La Plata
: pictured (pic3) with bambi bucket at La Plata
HB350B3 Esquilo 4046 2006LQ-BEZ : Mendoza Province Police from 2006, test serial PR-YLB, asg high ...
: pictured (pic1) at Mendoza. Carrying 2 members of the provincial ...
: 08oct14 pictured (pic2) at police air station Base Condor
: 12-years inspection and avionics upgrade at Metro Aviation, USA
HB350B3 Esquilo 4023 2006LQ-BFB : Mendoza Province Police from 2006, test serial PR-YLA, asg high m ...
: pictured (pic1) at Mendoza
: 08oct14 pictured (pic2) at police air station Base Condor
: 12-years inspection and avionics upgrade at Metro Aviation, USA
427 56060 2007LQ-BII : Entre Rios Province Police /PE-01; 25 pictured at Rosario
AS350B3 Ecureuil 4154 2007LQ-BIO : Policia Bonaerense, B3+ type, test serial PP-MZA
: pictured (middle) at Pinamar
: pictured (bot) at La Matanza
AS350B3 Ecureuil 4169 2007LQ-BIS : Policia Bonaerense, 350B3+ type, test serial PP-MZB
: pictured (pic1) at Gral Rodriguez
: pictured (pic2) at Villa Gesell, based at Pinamar
: pictured (pic3) at La Plata
R22 Beta 2246 1992LQ-BJA : Ex-N2354B, Police Serial B246, to N341ZG (2002) Crash 2003/08/16.
R22 Beta 2255 1992LQ-BJB : Ex-N2355N, Police Serial B255, to N349VH.
R22 Beta 2258 1992LQ-BJC : Police Serial B258 -2001 to N348VH
R22 Beta 2261 1992LQ-BJD : Police Serial B261, to N346VH
R22 Beta 2266 1992LQ-BJE : Police Serial B266, to N458BP
: pictured at Don Torcuato
R22 Beta 2267 1992LQ-BJF : Police Serial B267, to N10786
R22 Beta 2269 1992LQ-BJG : Police Serial B269, to VH-HBB
R22 Beta 2274 1993LQ-BJH : Ex-N23587, Police Serial B274, to VH-HVX
R22 Beta 2275 1993LQ-BJI : Policia Bonaerense /B275, test serial N23610, to VH-HCP
R22 Beta 2279 1993LQ-BJJ : Ex-N7166G, Police Serial B279, to N5018U
R22 Beta 2280 1993LQ-BJL : Police Serial B280, to VH-HEB, to ZK-HFL
R22 Beta 2282 1993LQ-BJM : Police Serial B282, to N7079J
R22 Beta 2283 1993LQ-BJN : Police Serial B283, to VH-HGU
R22 Beta 2284 1993LQ-BJO : Police Serial B284, to VH-HPI, to ZK-HDI
: pictured at Juarez Celman airfield, Cordoba
R22 Beta 2285 1993LQ-BJP : Police Serial B285, Crash 29-sep-98 at Adrogue, one killed.
R22 Beta 2286 1993LQ-BJR : Police Serial B286, to N350VH
R22 Beta 2287 1993LQ-BJS : Ex-N23635, Police Serial B287V (V - VOR), to N344VH
R22 Beta 2288 1993LQ-BJT : Ex-N80043, Police Serial B288, to N347VH
R22 Beta 2289 1993LQ-BJU : Police Serial B289, crash at Escobar 22/Aug/1995, one killed.
R22 Beta 2290 1993LQ-BJV : Police Serial B290, to N678BH
R22 Beta 2291 1993LQ-BJW : Police Serial B291, to VH-HHL
R22 Beta 2295 1993LQ-BJX : Police Serial B295, to VH-HMU
R22 Beta 2296 1993LQ-BJY : Police Serial B296S, to N679BH, to F-GTGT
R22 Beta 2297 1993LQ-BJZ : Police Serial B297
R22 Beta 2298 1993LQ-BLA : Police Serial I298. IFR Equiped. Crash at Mar de Cobo 1994/02/28, ...
R22 Beta 2299 1993LQ-BLB : Police Serial I299. IFR Equiped, to N341SL
: pictured at La Plata airfield
R22 Beta 2300 1993LQ-BLC : Police Serial I300. IFR Equiped, to N338VH
R22 Mariner 2302M 1993LQ-BLD : Ex-N80524, Police Serial M302, to N3052P, to N3052P, to G-CBXK.
R22 Mariner 2303M 1993LQ-BLE : Ex-N80631, Police Serial M303, to N341VH
R22 Mariner 2304M 1993LQ-BLF : Ex-N80645, Police Serial M304, to C-GJZR.
R22 Mariner 2305M 1993LQ-BLG : Ex-N80753, Police Serial M305, to N339VH, to Mauritania (XA-?)
R22 Mariner 2308M 1993LQ-BLH : Police Serial M308, to VH-HZG
R22 Mariner 2309M 1993LQ-BLI : Police Serial M309, crash at Escobar 22/Aug/1995, one killed.
R22 Mariner 2310M 1993LQ-BLJ : Police Serial M310, to VH-HZI, to ZK-HFO.
R22 Beta 2311 1993LQ-BLL : Police Serial B311, to N342VH, to N338AC, to N58FH
R22 Beta 2313 1993LQ-BLM : Police Serial B313, to N343VH
R22 Beta 2314 1993LQ-BLN : Police Serial B314, to N345VH
R22 Mariner 2315M 1993LQ-BLO : Police Serial M315, to N516PB (2002) Crash landing 2004/28/07.
R22 Mariner 2316M 1993LQ-BLP : Police Serial M316, to CN-HTU.
R22 Mariner 2317M 1993LQ-BLR : Police Serial M317, to CN-HTV.
Bo105CBS-4 0862 1991LQ-BLS : Policia Bonaerense; conv Bo105CBS-5
: 20 pictured at La Plata airfield
Bo105CBS-4 0863 LQ-BLT : S.863 crashed an was repaired in 1996. In 1996 the S.915 was buil ...
: Policia Bonaerense; conv to Bo105cbs-5; 2011 assigned to Grupo Ha ...
206B-3 Jet Ranger 4664 2008LQ-BZF : Entre Rios Province Police, Bell serial N95584
AS350B3 Ecureuil 4940 2010LQ-CFI : Policia Cordoba d/d Jul10 via Eurocopter Chile
: Apr12 Policia Cordoba pictured at Helipuerto Carlos Paz. Sister L ...
: video w/o 21feb16 crashed during rescue of crashed paraglider in ...
EC145 9463 2011LQ-CLQ : pictured (pic4) at Pinamar
AS350B3 Ecureuil 7226 2011LQ-COP : Policia Cordoba
: 10 Policia Cordoba pictured (pic1) at Cordoba
: 27 video at Rosario
: pictured (pic2) during Dakar 2015 at Carlos Paz, Cordoba, Argent ...
AS350B3 Ecureuil 7231 2011LQ-COQ : Policia Cordoba
: Policia Cordoba pictured at Helipuerto Carlos Paz
: at Helipuerto Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (University of Co ...
429 57073 2012LQ-CZZ : Entre Rios Province police /PE-01 d/d , pictured and video at Ros ...
AS350B3e Ecureuil 7456 2012LQ-FUG : Policia Bonaerense d/d 24apr14, B3e type; pictured (pic1) (pic2 ...
: pictured (pic3) at La Plata
EC145 9691 2015LQ-FVV : Mendoza Province Police, test serial D-HADA; pictured at FIDAE ...
SO-1221 Djinn 1017 LQ-GFB :
SO-1221 Djinn 1018 LQ-GFC :
SE3130 Alouette II 1118 1958LQ-GGF : Policia Bonaerense; F-WIEH,LQ-GGF,LV-GGF
UH-12E Raven 2086 1961LQ-HEM : Policia Bonaerense
UH-12E Raven 2087 1961LQ-HEN : Policia Bonaerense; preserved at Museo Nacional de Aeronautica (M ...
360 2543 LQ-JGM : Mendoza Province Police w/o, hull preserved
FH-1100 149 LQ-JTX : Policia Bonaerense, ex LV-JTX; 27sep12 pictured preserved at La P ...
Bo105CB-5 0207 1976LQ-LSU : Policia Bonaerense, Original built as Bo105C. Then upgrade to 105 ...
: pictured at La Plata
Bo105CB 0208 1975LQ-LSV : Policia Bonaerense, Original built as Bo105C; upgrade to 105CB; w ...
Bo105CB-5 0209 1976LQ-LSW : Policia Bonaerense, Original built as Bo105C. Then upgrade to 105 ...
Bo105CB 0210 1975LQ-LSX : Policia Bonaerense, Original built as Bo105C. Then upgrade to 105 ...
Bo105CBS-2 0395 1979LQ-MOA : Policia Bonaerense; conv Bo105CBS-5
: 30may07 pictured (pic1) at La Matanza Heliport (HMF)
: pictured (pic2) at La Matanza airfield
: pictured (pic3) at La Plata
Bo105CBS-2 0432 1980LQ-OMH : Policia Bonaerense; Original built as Bo105CBS-2; conv Bo105CBS-5
: 27 pictured at La Plata airfield
206L-4 Long Ranger 52120 1995LQ-WML : Policia Cordoba 1995-2010
206L-4 Long Ranger 52098 1994LQ-YSA : Policia Cordoba, ex XA-SYK; PR-CBT ntu
: Jan02 Policia Cordoba pictured (pic1) at Villa Carlos Paz, Cordob ...
: conv to 206LT unk; prob by Tridair to Gemini ST/206L4ST type
Bo105CBS-4 0737 1985LQ-ZYR : Policia Bonaerense, Original built as Bo105CBS-4. Ex D-HDRY and N ...
: conv bo105cbs-5; pictured at La Plata
Bo105CBS-2 0399 1978LQ-ZZW : Entre Rios Province Police /PE-01 from 2004; ex D-HNWB toward LV- ...
R44 Raven II 11170 2006LV-BRN : Municipalidad de Almirante Brown; 2010 pictured (pic1) at EAA Ar ...
: Policia Bonaerense /01, loan from Beech Flying; 13dec16 pictured ...
: Policia Bonaerense; 24feb17 pictured (pic3) in new livery
R44 II 12015 LV-CVW : Municipio de Lanus, Proteccion Ciudadana 911 emergencias, op by B ...
: Municipio de Almirante Brown; pictured (bot) at La Matanza
: Policia Bonaerense /3, loan for Beech Flying
R44 Raven II 13587 2013LV-FWC : Policia Bonaerense /05; Feb19 summer campaign Buenos Aires coast
R44 Raven II 13300 LV-GQI : Argentina from Sep16; at San Fernando
: Policia Bonaerense /03, serial to be conf; 19feb17 pictured at P ...
206B-3 Jet Ranger 4201 1991LV-GQX : Policia Bonaerense, serial to be conf; pictured (pic2) at La Pla ...
: Policia Bonaerense /07; pictured (pic3) at Pinamar
BK117C-1 7515 LV-WNS : Policia Bonaerense 01nov99 to 01apr00; loan from Province Gov; pi ...

81 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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