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  • argentina Prefectura Naval Argentina

    PNA - Argentine Coast Guard

    1961: Their first helicopter:

    Sikorsky S-51 LQ-XXR

    Was a former Federal Police aircraft in service since 1949, transferred to the then Prefectura Nacional Maritima and redesignated PM-20
    Sikorsky S-51 Argentina

    S-51 helicopter Argentina

    1962: Bell 47s joined the service

    Bell 47J-2 Ranger c/n 1806 PM-21

    Bell 47J-2A Ranger c/n 3320 PM-22
    Bell 47 Argentina

    Bell 47 floats Argentina

    In 1970 the service is renamed Prefectura Naval Argentina therefore changing serials to PA

    Bell 47J-2A Ranger c/n 3320 PA-22 ex PM-22
    Bell 47J-2

    1968: Six Hughes 369HS arrived

    Hughes 369 500 floats Argentina

    PA-30 today at the Prefectura Museum at Tigre, Buenos Aires
    Hughes 369 500 museum

    Hughes 369HS c/n 11-0274S PA-31 during a 1980s expo
    RACA Hughes Argentina

    1980: The SA 330L Puma join the service

    Puma in their original colours

    Aerospatiale SA330L Puma PA-13 serving at Mar del Plata coast guard air station
    Puma coast guard Argentina

    Puma Prefectura Naval Argentina

    1995: four Aerospatiale Dauphin II are incorporated:

    Aerospatiale AS565MA Dauphin c/n 6412 PA-43
    Dauphin Argentina

    1996: Schweizer 300C :

    Schweizer 300 Argentina

    2011: Brand-new Eurocopter AS.355NP capable to operate from the Mantilla Class patrol vessels

    AS355 Argentina

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