nigeria Atlantic Aviation

Established December 2012, Atlantic Aviation is a Nigerian company owned by Jagal Group supporting the oil and gas industry.

Has technical service support from CHC Helicopter.


Atlantic Aviation AW139 flights for Shell Nigeria, 13-Feb-14 : Atlantic Aviation commences AW139 Commercial Helicopter Flights for Shell Nigeria Exploration & Production Company (SNEPCo)

Formation of Nigeria Atlantic Aviation, 06-Dec-12 : LAGOS, NIGERIA - Jagal Group today announced the operational start-up of its subsidiary Atlantic Aviation, a helicopter-transportation company providing services to Nigeria''s oil-and-gas industry. Atlantic Aviation is supported by CHC Helicopter, a world leader in providing high-quality helicopter services to customers with offshore O&G platforms and vessels.

Model Types

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  AW AW1392014
  Sikorsky S-76C2013

List of Aircraft

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AW139 31610 - : Atlantic Aviation Nigeria Jul15, test serial I-RAIN; Coast Guard; ...
S-76C 760466 19975N-BOK : Atlantic Aviation 2013
S-76C 760575 20045N-BOL : Atlantic Aviation Jun14
AW139 31458 20125N-BQA : Atlantic Aviation from Jan14
: at lagos
: 05dec16 arrived New Zealand by ship; 07dec16 taken by truck to N ...
AW139 31540 5N-BQB : Atlantic Aviation (CHC) from Mar14
AW139 31611 5N-SAS : Atlantic Aviation from Jul15, test serial I-EASL; Coast Guard; n ...

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