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Restructuring/Closure in 2023

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Babcock Australia
Established 2013 with the acquisition of Bond Helicopters ( then part of Avincis Group ) and its Australian subsidiary Australian-Helicopters providing air ambulance services.

Offshore services

Based at Mungalalu-Truscott, Western Australia to support PTTEPs operations in the Timor Sea.

In April 2016 rebranded to Babcock Offshore Services Australasia Pty Ltd part of Babcock. Since 2023 is part of OHS.

  Units within this Organisation

Bond Australia20132016

helicopter   Model Types

AH H17520172023
AW AW1392016
EC EC225LP20142020
Sikorsky S-9220142023
SNIA AS332 Super Puma220132015
Bell 4122013

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