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Four more S-92 for China Zhuhai, 06-Sep-13 : TIANJIN, China - Sikorsky Aircraft and Zhuhai Helicopter Company today marked their nearly three-decades-long relationship and the purchase of four S-92 helicopters with a ceremonial signing at the China Helicopter Exposition.

China ZHC to acquire 4 more S-92, 18-Jun-13 : PARIS AIR SHOW, PARIS, France - Sikorsky and Zhuhai Helicopter Company (ZHC) today announced a new contract for four Sikorsky S-92 offshore utility helicopters. Sikorsky is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.

Sikorsky Delivers S-92 and S-76 Aircraft to Zhuhai, 14-Feb-12 : SINGAPORE AIR SHOW, Singapore - Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. has delivered two offshore utility helicopters to China Southern Airlines’ Zhuhai Helicopter Branch company, with a third delivery to occur next week, to support the offshore oil operations in the South China Sea by Zhuhai’s customers. Sikorsky is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.

List of Units

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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    Zhuhai Helicopter CompanyZHC? --

Model Types

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  Sikorsky S-922010
  Sikorsky S-761984

List of Aircraft

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S-92A 92-0147 2011B-7116 : Zhuhai Helicopter Company (ZHC)
S-92A 92-0156 2011B-7117 : Zhuhai Helicopter Company (ZHC)
S-92A 92-0115 2010B-7333 : Zhuhai Helicopter Company (ZHC) 2010, test serial N115KH
S-92A 92-0188 2012B-7350 : Zhuhai Helicopter Company (ZHC)
S-92A 92-0189 2012B-7351 : Zhuhai Helicopter Company (ZHC)
S-92A 92-0230 2013B-7352 : Zhuhai Helicopter Company (ZHC) 2014
S-92A 92-0247 B-7353 : Zhuhai Helicopter Company (ZHC), test serial N247Y
S-92A 92-0244 B-7355 : Zhuhai Helicopter Company (ZHC), test serial N244U
S-92A 92-0263 2014B-7362 : Zhuhai Helicopter Company (ZHC)
S-92A 92-0268 2014B-7363 : Zhuhai Helicopter Company (ZHC)

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