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    costa do sol taxi aereo

    Costa do Sol Táxi Aéreo is a Rio de Janeiro based helicopter operator serving the offshore and onshore oil and gas Brazilian industry. Offshore operations runs from Macaé (SBME) and Jacarepagua (SBJR) servicing the Campos and Santos Basin. Onshore operations are based in Manaus and Carauari operating in the Amazon region


    Costa do Sol S-76 Selects SkyTrac Monitoring, 25-Jun-18 : #monitoring Rio de Janeiro based Costa do Sol Táxi Aéreo, serving Brazil’s offshore and onshore oil and gas industry, has selected SKYTRAC flight data monitoring to equip S-76 fleet

    Lobo Leasing Second S-76C+ to Costa do Sol, 31-Oct-17 : Lobo Leasing from Ireland closed operation for a second S-76C for Brazilian Costa do Sol Taxi Aereo for offshore operations in Rio de Janeiro

    List of Aircraft

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    S-76C 760546 PR-BGE : Costa Do Sol Taxi Aereo; Dec18 at Cabo Frio
    S-76C 760497 1998PR-EAE : Costa do Sol Taxi Aereo Mar14
    212 35064 1995PR-HRK : Costa do Sol Taxi Aereo Ltda Sep13
    S-61N 61-488 1971PR-HRS : Air Amazonia Servicios Aeronauticos Ltda, op by Costa do Sol

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