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Founded in 1959, Enstrom Helicopter Corporation is based at Menominee, MI (KMNM) and designs and produces light single-engine helicopters for the global market. Missions include helicopter training, police and wildlife patrol, aerial photography and tours, ag spray and livestock management, and personal transportation.
As of 2018 Enstrom is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chongqing General Aviation Industry Group Co., Ltd. (CGAG).
In 2022 after declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy was acquired by Surack Enterprises and relaunched the 480B and 280FX models.

helicopter   Model Types

Enstrom 280C Shark
Enstrom 280FX
Enstrom 480B
Enstrom 480B-G
Enstrom F-28F
Enstrom TH-180

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