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Fuchs Helikopter

Established 1974 by Robert Fuchs, operates own heliport at Schindellegi. Offers flight school, scenic flights and aerial filming having developed a special gyrostabilized video camera to be fitted to a helicopter.

Model Types

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  MDh MD500E2008

List of Aircraft

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369HE 0101E 1969HB-XDO : Fuchs Robert Nov71-Mar73
MD900 Explorer 900/00017 HB-XJF : Robert Fuchs AG Aug95-Mar11
300CBi (269C-1) 0058 1997HB-XJU : Fuchs Jun97-Dec99
369D / 500D 0710D 1980HB-XKS : Fuchs Robert Apr86-Feb87
MD600N RN007 1997HB-XQB : Fuchs Feb98-Aug08, test serial N92007
MD369E / MD500E 0282E 1988HB-XTI : Fuchs Jul89-May93; 29jan93 accident at Planurahütte; rebuilt
MD520N LN053 1992HB-XUL : Fuchs May94-Feb95
H125 / AS350B3e Ecureuil 8268 2016HB-ZAN : Fuchs / Europavia (Suisse) from Jul16, test serial F-WWXU
MD520N LN088 1999HB-ZBM : Fuchs Apr00-Jun09
: Fuchs Helikopter from Mar14
AS350B3 Ecureuil 3414 2001HB-ZDD : Robert Fuchs AG Jun09-Nov11
MD600N RN053 2005HB-ZGU : Fuchs from Apr06; 2011 still
MD500E 0584E 2008HB-ZKC : Robert Fuchs AG from Feb/Mar 2009, MD Helicopters test serial N40 ...
MD500E 0590E 2009HB-ZKD : Robert Fuchs AG from Aug09, MD Helicopters test serial N4038S
: 15oct14 pictured on display at Helitech 2014, Amsterdam Rai, Neth ...
MD902 Explorer 900/00131 2008HB-ZKE : Robert Fuchs AG Switzerland Apr09-Apr14
MD530F 0147FF 2007HB-ZSR : Robert Fuchs AG from Dec15
MD520N LN071 1995HB-ZTI : Wamister Urs, op by; Airport Helicopter AHB AG Aug12-May17; Helia ...
: Fuchs Helikopter, unk; pictured
MD369E / MD500E 0325E 1989HB-ZUN : Loxia Swiss GmbH Jul09-Nov10, op by Robert Fuchs AG
EC120B 1653 2010HB-ZWB : Robert Fuchs from Oct12, ex C-GNUX
505 Jet Ranger X 65125 2018HB-ZWR : Loxia Swiss GmbH from Oct18, op by Robert Fuchs AG, test serial C ...
: w/o 09sep19 rolled over landing in snow at Vorab glacier, Laax, G ...
: 60-year-old slightly injured in helicopter crash

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