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A109a 7195 LV-AMV : 2010 Helisul Taxi Aereo, PR-EFB ntu
EC130B4 4895 2010PR-CBH : Helisul
AS350B2 Ecureuil 7193 PR-EBH : Helisul
A109K2 10032 1998PR-EBZ : Helisul from 2011, dec12 to PR-EBZ
206B-3 Jet Ranger 4688 2010PR-HBB : Helisul from Jun11
EC130B4 7509 PR-HBZ : Helisul
HB350B2 Esquilo 7432 PR-HCT : Helisul, noted Oct12
206L-4 Long Ranger 52386 2008PR-HEB : Helisul, Bell serial N325PB Sep08-Feb09
A109K2 10028 1996PR-HES : Helisul Taxi Aereo from Nov14
AS350B2 Ecureuil 3501 2001PR-HGH : Helisul from Jul11
AS350B2 Ecureuil 3771 2003PR-HGR : Helisul, noted Oct11
MD600N RN072 2007PR-HLS : Helisul Taxi Aereo from Mar08
206L-4 Long Ranger 52415 2010PR-HMA : Helisul, Bell serial N396HA Feb/Aug 2010
206B-3 Jet Ranger 4686 2010PR-HPB : Helisul, Bell serial N141BH Nov09-Oct10
MD600N RN075 2008PR-HSL : Helisul Taxi Aereo 2008-2010
206L-4 Long Ranger 52382 PR-HSU : Helisul; ex N325TB
HB350B2 Esquilo 4143 2006PR-HTV : Helisul Taxi Aereo 03oct12
EC130B4 7353 PR-HVB : Helisul
: 02dec17 at Foz de Iguazu ( sightseeing flights? )
47J 3124 PT-HAS : Bell 47J-2A Ranger; Helisul
206B-2 Jet Ranger 1031 PT-HEO : Helisul
206B-3 Jet Ranger 4298 PT-HGB : Helisul
HB350B Esquilo 1426 PT-HLL : Helisul
HB350B Esquilo 1498 PT-HLO : Helisul; w/o 09jul03 at Boca do Acre, Amazonas. No fatalities
HB350B Esquilo 1642 PT-HML : Helisul; 31Jan13 at Rio de Janeiro
206B-3 Jet Ranger 4171 PT-HOY : Helisul
206B-3 Jet Ranger 2953 PT-HSN : Helisul; ex TG-BEZ
206B-3 Jet Ranger 3449 PT-HTC : Helisul; ex N2113Z
206B-2 Jet Ranger 1399 PT-HTU : Helisul Taxi Aereo ?; w/o 04oct13 at São Caetano do Sul, São Pa ...
: eyewitness crash at Praça da Bíblia 04oct13 around 1 PM
206B-3 Jet Ranger 4045 PT-HUR : Helisul
bo105cbs-5 0902 PT-HZA : Helisul
HB350BA Esquilo 2941 PT-HZL : Helisul, noted Jan10
HB350BA Esquilo 2756 1993PT-YAK : Helisul, noted 2006/2007, Amil mrks
206B-3 Jet Ranger 3481 1981PT-YAP : Helisul
206L-4 Long Ranger 52198 1997PT-YEL : Helisul, Bell serial N6592X Aug97-Feb98
HB350B3 Esquilo 3165 PT-YOY : Helisul

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