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  • ecuador ICARO, S.A.

    ICARO Airlines

    Icaro Air, S.A. is an airline based in Quito, Ecuador. It operates domestic passenger services as well as fixed-wing and helicopter charters. Its main base is Mariscal Sucre International Airport, Quito. It currently operates a fleet of 2 Boeing 737-200ADV, 1 Fokker F.28-4000, 1 DHC-8-200, 2 EUROCOPTER AS-350, 1 Bell 212, and one leased Boeing 234UT.

    Model Types

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      B-V 234UT11995

    List of Aircraft

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    234LR MJ-023 1986HC-BYF : ICARO , lsd
    234ER MJ-016 1985HC-CAW : ICARO, lsd
    212 30901 1978HC-CBW : Icaro Dec01-May04, lsd CHC
    AS350BA Ecureuil 3001 1997HC-CDK : Icaro, Ecuador
    234ER MJ-016 1985HC-CEN : ICARO, lsd again
    234LR MJ-022 1985HC-CEO : ICARO, S.A., lsd Columbia

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