Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil

AS350BA Ecureuil


Eurocopter AS350BA Ecureuil

Aerospatiale AS350BA built from 1992 are listed here

Model News

Vector Aerospace to Offer AS350 BA to B2 Conversions, 03-Mar-15 : Heli-Expo 2015 Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services North America (HS-NA) has partnered with Turbomeca (Safran) to provide Airbus Helicopters AS350BA to AS350B2 conversions to customers across the globe.

List of Operators of Eurocopter AS350BA Ecureuil

From Organisation with model AS350BA Ecureuil
usa American Eurocopter
    AS350 Ecureuil 1992/13
botswana Botswana Defence Force
    AS350 Ecureuil 1995/   
usa US Helicopters Inc
    AS350 Ecureuil 1995/   
canada Canadian Helicopters Ltd
    AS350 Ecureuil 2000/   
germany DL Helicopter Technik
    1 2007/12
canada Wood Buffalo Helicopters
    AS350 Ecureuil 2008/   

ecuador Avioandes
    AS350 Ecureuil
new zealand The Helicopter Line Ltd
    AS350 Ecureuil
usa State of California
    AS350 Ecureuil
usa Metro Aviation
    AS350 Ecureuil
usa State of Alaska
    AS350 Ecureuil
usa State of New York
    AS350 Ecureuil
Construction Numbers on database of AS350BA Ecureuil


Construction Numbers

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2628 1992 US N1889A : Aerospatiale, test serial F-WYMP
US N72LC : Lee County Sheriff Office (LCSO), FL, Apr06; conv AS350+
2647 1992 GT TG-JBG : Guatemala, to N355TV
US N355TV : US Helicopters 2005, ex TG-JBG
2649 1992 JP JA6124 : Japan, to ZK-HBG
NZ ZK-HBG : New Zealand, reser ZK-IBG
AU VH-CMS : RCAQ CareFlight QLD, noted Apr05
AU VH-XCE : CareFlight QLD LifeFlight from May03; Lifeflight Austra+
2650 DE D-HKMG : Heli-Flight GmbH & Co. KG at Reichelsheim Airfield, -No+
DE D-HKMG : KMN Koopmann Helicopter GmbH at Sommerland Heliport fro+
2685 1992 US N6080R : Temsco AStar
2690 US N567RS : Heli USA Airways at Las Vegas
2693 1992 US N6077H : Sunshine Helicopters at Kahului, HI
Schuman Aviation at Kailua, HI from Jul08; 2010 picture+
Also on Hawaii Five-O episode as stolen Channel 7 news +
in Kalaeloa, Hawaii. Used to make pictures of Solar Im+
? : Panama unk from Mar18
CO HK-5290X : Colombia by Mar19
2694 US N6094H : Sunshine Helicopters at Kahului, HI from Oct11
2706 1993 US N350DB : to N307SF
US N307SF : Purwin Company Llc at Van Nuys, CA
US N12FL : Helicopters Inc from Dec07; pictured at Phoenix Deer V+
US N12FL : Metro Aviation HFTC from Mar15, lsd
2708 1993 US N350BA : to N87BH
US N87BH : conv to AS.350B2 type; Shier Aviation at San Diego, CA +
US N574SA : Shier Aviation from Jan11
Jul/Nov 2014 for sale Eurocopter AS350B-2 1993 With Sag+
2711 1993 US N60877 : to N8TV
US N8TV : Wfaa-tv Inc at Dallas, TX from Jul07, to N11963
US N613TV : Cito Marketing (usa) Llc at Wilmington, DE 09-28 Sep10
DO HI900 : Dominican Rep
2734 1993 US N493BK : American Eurocopter
CA C-GWGK : Guardian Helicopters Inc at Calgary, AB Dec04-Jan06
US N230CH : Coastal Helicopters Inc at Juneau, AK from Jan06
2750 1994 US N6094E : Temsco Helicopters at Ketchikan, AK
2751 1994 US N6094U : Temsco AStar from 1994
2774 US N354HH : Heli USA Airways at Las Vegas
2786 1994 CA C-FWCH : West Coast Helicopters Maintenance & Contracting Ltd at+
CA C-FYNI : Eurocopter Canada May/Jun 1997; conv to AS350B2
US N91MH : Maverick Helicopters 1997-2007 (?)
CA N35HQ : Wells Fargo Bank Northwest Na Trustee Feb07-Sep12; Heli+
CA C-FLAS : Lakelse Air Ltd at Terrace, BC Sep12-May14
CA C-FLQX : Lakelse Air Ltd at Terrace, BC from May14
2787 1994 CA C-FSPE : Eurocopter Canada Jun94-Feb95
CA C-FSPE : Forexport Inc at Val D Or, Quebec Mar95-Jul98
CA C-FSPE : Les Helicopteres Abitibi Ltee at La Sarre, Quebec Jul98+
CA C-FSPE : Aurora Helicopters Jun10-May12
CA C-FSPE : Trans North Turbo Air Ltd at Whitehorse, Yukon from Jun+
2792 1994 JP JA6139 : Japan Digital Research Institute Jun94-Oct06
US N125NA : USA, to N27WA
US N27WA : Wings Air at White Plains, NY Jul07-Jun09; Manhattan He+
Wings Air Helicopters from May14, pictured
2795 DE D-HBRO : MHS Helicopter-Flugservice GmbH 1994-1998
BR PT-YSW : from Mar98; Reg. Orca Construction w/o 11dec12 impact t+
2802 1994 US N6101U : American Eurocopter Sep95
US N6101U : Williams Air Service Inc at Wilmington, DE Nov02-Apr03
CA C-FKDS : Delta Helicopters Ltd at Sturgeon County, AB from Jun03+
2810 US N6099S : Coastal Helicopters from Jun95; w/o Herbert Glacier, 2+
2822 1994 US N5NY : FOX5/Fox New York news; to N417HA
US N417HA : KTLA5 The CW 2007; to N315TV
US N315TV : canc 2010;
CA C-GFXK : Kananaskis Mountain Helicopters Ltd from Apr10
2829 1994 CA C-GNMJ : Peace Helicopters at Edmonton, AB canc Jun96; Northern +
Vancouver Island Helicopters Mar01-Feb13
CA C-GNMJ : Yellowhead Helicopters from Mar13
2842 JP JA6146 : Nishi Nippon; pictured at Kumamoto
2846 FR F-OHNH : to RP-C1712
RP RP-C1712 : Philippines, to ZK-HJV
NZ ZK-HJV : New Zealand, to PK-TVC
HNZ New Zealand Ltd, conv to B2 type
ID PK-TVC : Indonesia, rtn to ZK-HJV
CA ZK-HJV : Canadian Helicopters at Fort McMurray, Alberta Oct13
2857 BW OF3 : BDF, test serial F-WQDO
2858 1995 SG F-OHNI : Eurocopter South East Asia Apr95-Jun96
RP RP-C2688 : Macroasia Corporation, Philippines; w/o 22aug16 at Quez+
2859 1995 US N4024P : American Eurocopter, test serial F-WQDZ
US N67TV : Purwin Company Llc at Van Nuys, CA Jul98-Jul16; Eyewitn+
US N67TV : Helinet Aviation Services Llc at Van Nuys, CA from Jul1+
2864 BW OF4 : BDF
2868 1995 CA C-FVTM : Eurocopter Canada May/Jun 1995
CA C-FWCO : West Coast Helicopters Maintenance & Contracting Ltd at+
US N70AE : Global Lift Transportation Llc Feb12-Apr17
US N349PA : Bank of Utah Trustee at Salt Lake City, UT from Apr17
US N70AE : Fort Richardson, Alaska (? to be confirmed)
N349PA ntu?, still N70AE
2872 BW OF5 : BDF d/d 27may95; w/o ?
2896 1995 MX XA-AUR : Mexico unk 1995-2007
US N703LV : TTF Helicopters Llc at Roseland, NJ Dec08-Jun10, AS350+
CA C-GMNI : Lakelse Air Ltd at Terrace, BC from Jul10
2898 US N92MH : Maverick Helicopters; to HL9172
2922 1996 FR F-OHNR : to 9M-BBD
US N311TN : to N311TV
US N311TV : US Helicopters 2002-2010, to C-GSTV
CA C-GSTV : Quebec Helicopters from Nov10
2955 1996 US N971H : Built as AS350 BA. To C-FXOC
CA C-FXOC : Converted to AS350 FX2, replacing original engine with +
US N96FX : ex C-FXOC; to C-FBLW
CA C-FBLW : TRK Helicopters. Crashed on mountainside in BC, causin+
2959 1996 CA C-FJYL : Heli-Excel Inc at Sept-Iles, QC Apr97-Nov10
Héli-Inter Inc at fSt-Hubert, QC from Nov10
Feb17-Jan20 for sale Eurocopter AS350B-2 1996; well mai+
2965 JP JA002W : Nishi Nippon Airlines: 28 pictured at Kumamoto
seen at Fukuoka Airport
2981 1997 SG F-OHNV : Eurocopter South East Asia 04-25 Jun97
MY 9M-BBB : Malaysia 1997-2004
NZ ZK-HDL : New Zealand from Oct04
The Helicopter Line Ltd from Jan14, AS350B2 type
May16 first periodic inspection by Heli Support NZ
3001 1997 CA C-FXAH : Eurocopter Canada Aug/Sep 1997
US N40495 : American Eurocopter, to N444LH
US N444LH : Meridian Consulting Co Inc at Linden, NJ Mar98-Jul02
EC HC-CDK : Icaro, Ecuador
3009 1997 US N666LH : Liberty Helicopters New York, noted 2000
US N483AE : Cannon Aviation at Georgetown, TX Sep/Oct 2003
EC HC-CEC : Avioandes
3046 1997 US N318SA : Apr98-May04
CA C-GTNU : Trans North Turbo Air Ltd Jun04-Feb09
CA C-GTNU : Finnair May 2009
CA C-GTNU : Grizzly Helicopters from Jun09
3053 1989 RU RA-04101 : Russia, to S5-HCZ
SI S5-HCZ : Slovenia, to D-HRBH
DE D-HRBH : Germany ntu Oct02
IT I-ATEC : Heli Assistance by 2005; 2018 still
12oct19 pictured (pic1) (pic2) at Treviso Italy
3059 1997 US N401LH : Liberty Helicopter Sightseeing Tours; w/o 08aug09 in mi+
used in the movie Edge of Darkness film with Mel Gibson
3060 1997 US N402LH : Lloyd Apr98; to be conf
US N402LH : Maloney Aviation at San Antonio, TX Apr/Oct 2002
CR TI-AZA : Costa Rica, to N122HC
w/o 09oct17 at Rio Savegre in Quepos, Puntarenas, Costa+
US N122HC : Nielsen Support Systems at Boise, DE Nov14-Nov15
3092 1998 US N111AK : Air Kauai Inc at Lihue, HI
US N111AK : Roberts Aircraft Co at Cheyenne, WY Feb10-Mar16
US N111AK : GCI Communication Corp at Anchorage, AK
US N111AK : Rotak at Anchorage, AK
3100 1998 US N5206J : private at Oklahoma City, OK Sep98-Mar08
US N5206J : Sunshine Helicopters Inc at Kahului, HI by 2006
CA C-FXHP : Abitibi Helicopters Aug08-Jun13
PE C-FXHP : Heli Cusco by Jun12
CA C-FXHP : OPSMOBIL Inc at Grande Prairie, AB Apr14-jul19
Airborne Energy Solutions Inc at Calgary, AB from Sep19
3112 RP RP-2043 : Philippine National Police, ex RP-C2043
3145 1998 US N5215J : American Eurocopter Jan99
US N5215J : Helicopter Services of Mattoon Inc at Wilmington, DE
US N61RK : Midwest Jet Charter Inc at Wilmington, DE from Jul99; A+
Mar/Jun 2020 for sale Eurocopter AS350BA 1998 - 5320 fl+
3167 1998 FR F-OHVK : to RP-C8818
RP RP-C8818 : to N24TW
US N215TV : conv to B2 type; US Helicopters Mar03-Sep09; w/o w/o 27+
9013 1999 DE D-HJOE : Heli Unionair 1999-2003
DE D-HJOE : Helirotate 2003; Heliteam 2004; ; Aug04 pictured (pic1)+
Heli Trans Hamburg 2007-2012
DL Helicopter; pictured (pic2)
US N355RH : Colibri Aircraft Leasing Inc at Dover, DE from Mar12
9017 BE OO-TTD : Heli Service Belgium, mrks; pictured durin+
9018 BW OF6 : BDF
9019 BW OF7 : BDF, test serial F-WQER
9037 2001 IE EI-MYO : to C-FMHI
CA C-FMHI : Heli-Inter; ex EI-MYO
9080 BE OO-HCW : Heli and Co; 02jun07 pictured at Spa (EBSP), Belgium
BE F-HACY : Heli and Co; ex OO-HCW
18 visit
55 C/N.

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