kenya Kenya Air Force


Kenya Requests 12 MD530F, 02-May-17 : Kenya requesting 12 armed MD530F Cayuse Warrior helicopters in a $253M FMS deal reported the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA)

Kenya Receives Huey II, 02-Dec-16 : U.S. Ambassador to Kenya delivered first six of eight Bell Huey II helicopters to the Kenya Air Force in a ceremony at Laikipia Air Base

Model Types

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  AW AW139M2019
  EC AS350 Ecureuil2018
  Bell 209 AH-1 Cobra2017
  Bell HUEY II2016
  Harbin Z-92012
  SNIA SA330 Puma1977

List of Aircraft

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UH-1H Iroquois 12198 : KAF from Dec16, Huey II type
HUEY II 1500 : KAF from Dec16, Huey II type
SA330H Puma 1388 403 : KAF d/d 1977
SA330H Puma 1391 404 : KAF d/d 1977
SA330H Puma 1452 405 : KAF d/d 1978
SA330H Puma 1453 406 : KAF d/d 1978
330 5599 415 : KAF; w/o 30sep16 at Eldas police post, Wajir County, Kenya
AW139M 31844 ? : Kenya Air Force
AW139M 31846 ? : Kenya Air Force

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