MAG ( Mecaer Aviation Group ) is a leading international provider of solutions for Aircraft Actuation and Flight Control Systems, Landing Systems, Cabin Comfort Systems and Aircraft Services in the Helicopter, Business Aviation and General Aviation markets.

MAG traces its origins from the SIAI Marchetti Borgomanero plant, in the heartland of the Northern Italy aviation industry, and from Monteprandone Central Italy Breda Nardi company.
In later years, Mecaer America Inc. in Canada started as a result of an acquisition and Mecaer Inc. in USA was established, with two sites in Philadelphia and Hagerstown.


MAGnificent Interiors at Paris Air Show 2019, 18-Jun-19 : Paris Air Show 2019 Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG) has the Bell 505, Bell 429 and Bell 525 VIP luxury interior designs on display at Paris Air Show 2019

Bell 429 and 505 at EBACE 2019, 22-May-19 : #EBACE2019 Bell featuring the VIP 429 and 505 models at EBACE 2019, Geneva, Switzerland, May 21-23

Mecaer VIP Bell 505 at Heli-Expo 2019, 05-Mar-19 : Heli-Expo 2019 VIP interior design specialist Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG) delivered the first Bell 505 Jet Ranger X in North America outfitted with Mecaer’s MAGnificent interior to Canada’s Helite Aviation during Heli-Expo 2019

MAGnificent VIP interior for Bell 505, 14-Sep-18 : #VIPinterior Mecaer’ MAGnificent VIP interior for Bell 505 granted EASA, FAA and Brazil ANAC certification

Helite Signs for First Mecaer VIP Bell 505, 27-Feb-18 : Heli-Expo 2018 Montreal’ Helite Aviation ordered the first Bell 505 customized with Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG) VIP interior

Mecaer Delivers VIP AW139, 25-Jul-17 : Leonardo Service Center in Philadelphia delivered a new AW139 fitted with a VIP interior manufactured by Mecaer in Italy

12-Jun-17 - Mecaer to Display AW169 Interior
07-Mar-17 - Mecaer Aviation Group at Heli-Expo 2017 Heli-Expo 2017
02-Nov-16 - H145MB Interior Validated by FAA and Brazil #NBAA16
01-Nov-16 - Mecaer Aviation Group Landing Gear Systems #NBAA16
01-Nov-16 - Mecaer MAGnificent Interior for Bell 505
28-Sep-16 - Bell 525 with Mecaer MAGnificent Interior #‏mys16
05-Aug-16 - FAA Validation for Mecaer AW139 VIP Configuration
25-Jul-16 - H145 Mercedes-Benz Makes Italian Debut
29-Jun-16 - FAA STC for H145 MAG Air Medical Interior
25-May-16 - Bell 429 MAGnificent U.S. Launch Customer EBACE 2016
17-May-16 - MAGnificent Receives FAA STC Validation
03-May-16 - Mecaer Aviation Group Signs Brazilian Agent
06-Apr-16 - Bell 429 MAGnificent on South American Demo Tour
03-Mar-16 - First Bell 429 with Mecaer Interior to Russia Heli-Expo 2016
01-Mar-16 - AW139 Sliding Door Silens Heli-Expo 2016
01-Mar-16 - MAG Inspections for Maryland State Police AW139 Heli-Expo 2016
25-Jan-16 - Bell 429 MAGnificent Receives Russian STC Validation
23-Nov-15 - Mecaer Interior for the H145 Mercedes Benz
25-Sep-15 - Bell 429 Mecaer Interior Certificate in Canada
04-Sep-15 - Bell 429 Mecaer Interior Certificate in Brazil
26-May-15 - First Bell 429 with Mecaer Interior Sale in Russia HeliRussia 2015
18-May-15 - Bell 429 with Mecaer Interior at EBACE 2015
04-Mar-15 - First Bell 429 with Mecaer Interior Heli-Expo 2015
04-Mar-15 - EC145T2 HEMS to Airgreen
21-Oct-14 - Luxury Bell 429 at NBAA 2014 Conference
14-Oct-14 - First Bell 429 WLG sale in Europe has MAG cabin Helitech 2014

Model Types

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  Bell 505 Jet Ranger X2018
  AW AW1692017
  Bell 525 Relentless2016
  AH EC1452015
  Bell 4292014
  AW AW1392005

List of Aircraft

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