namibia Namibian Air Force

namibia air force

Established July 23, 1994, following the independence from South Africa in 1990. The Air Force of Namibia received helicopeters from China, India and Russia.

Model Types

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List of Aircraft

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mi-25 4452 : Namibia from Dec13
mi-25 4451 : Namibia from Dec13
Mi-8T Hip-C H 104 : Namibia from Jun02
Z-9 Z9-0601 H 701 : H425 type; Namibia from Apr12
chetak H 702 : Namibia Air Force from Nov04; w/o 16jan99
chetak AH326 H 704 : Namibia Air Force from Nov94; VIP configured; Jul99 still
cheetah CH210 H 706 : Namibia Air Force from Nov94; w/o 08jan08
cheetah H 708 : Namibia Air Force from Nov94; w/o 16jan99
Mi-8T Hip-C H 802 : Namibia from Mar01
Mi-8T Hip-C H 804 : Namibia from Mar01

10 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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