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The Nepalese Army Air Service operates the military aircraft


50,000 Flight Hours for the AS350 in the Himalayas, 19-Apr-17 : Rotorcraft Asia 2017 Nepalese Army, Shree Airlines, Simrik Air, Fishtail Air, Air Dynasty, Heli Everest, Mountain Helicopters, Altitude Air and Manang Air flies more than 15000 hours annually in the H125 / AS350

List of Aircraft

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407GXP 54726 2017? : Nepalese Army d/d 29nov18
chetak AH306 NA-029 : Nepal, ex RAN-29
chetak AH307 NA-030 : Nepal, ex RAN-30
chetak AH337 NA-034 : Nepal, ex RAN-34
chetak AH338 NA-035 : Nepal, ex RAN-35
Mi-17-1V 524M03 NA-038 : Nepal, ex RAN-38
AS350B3 Ecureuil 3647 NA-045 : Nepal, ex RAN-45
cheetah CH262 NA-046 : Nepal, ex RAN-46
cheetah CH263 NA-047 : Nepal, ex RAN-47
Dhruv NA-051 : Nepal
Dhruv NA-052 : Nepal
Mi-17V-5 NA-053 : Nepal
: 2014, used in the BBC series Our Girl filmed in Nepal
Dhruv NA-054 : Nepal
Mi-17V-5 NA-056 : Nepal
Mi-17V-5 NA-057 : Nepal
AW139 31808 2018NA-059 : Nepal Army Jul18, test serial I-EASY; all green livery
SA330L Puma 1349 RAN-18 : Nepal; w/o 14aug95
SA330G Puma 1312 RAN-28 : Nepal
316B 5403 RAN-31 : Nepal

19 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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