sweden Norrlandsflyg AB

Established in 1961. Until 2011 was part of SHG and provided search and rescue under contract with the Swedish Maritime Administration. Nowadays they continue to provide air ambulance services

Model Types

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  Sikorsky S-76

List of Aircraft

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S-76C 76-0510 2000SE-HAJ : Norrlandsflyg AB 2007; /Lifeguard 904 Search and Rescue
S-76C 76-0377 1991SE-HAV : SMA Helicopter Rescue from 2005
S-76C 76-0604 2005SE-HEJ : Norrlandsflyg AB d/d 2006; S-76C+ type; ex N71141
H-19D Chickasaw 55-1252 1958SE-HGZ : Norrlandsflyg 1975; Kallax Flyg 2003
H-19D Chickasaw 55-1186 1958SE-HHY : sold Norrlandsflyg AB as SE-HHY, 1977, w/o 15Aug79 while taking o ...
S-76C 76-0605 2005SE-HOJ : Norrlandsflyg AB d/d 2006 /992; S-76C+ type; ex N8125H
S-76A 76-0190 SE-JES : Norrlandsflyg AB d/d 1994; ex N110AG; w/o 03apr99 crashed near La ...
S-76A 76-0215 SE-JEZ : Norrlandsflyg AB; ex N72WW
S-76C 76-0678 2007
SE-JOJ : S-76C+ Norrlandsflyg /906 d/d 2008, test serial N4510Q
S-76A 76-0219 1982SE-JUC : Norrlandsflyg d/d 2002; ex G-OAUS,N18KH
S-76C 76-0424 SE-JUJ : Norrlandsflyg AB d/d 2002; ex VH-EXQ,N523KH
S-76A 76-0172 SE-JUS : Norrlandsflyg AB d/d 1999; ex VH-CPQ,N876TC
S-76C 76-0518 2001SE-JUX : Norrlandsflyg AB; S-76C+ type; ex N552J
S-76C 76-0407 1992SE-JUY : Norrlandsflyg AB; ex N154AE
S-76A 76-0282 SE-JUZ : Norrlandsflyg AB /993; ex N92RR; to D-HULK

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