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    Established 2014, SPAES GmbH & Co. KG specialized in technical solutions for helicopters. Based at Mannheim City Airport opened a branch in Karlsruhe in 2018


    Instrument Panel Overlay for AS350 Helicopter, 16-Jul-22 : #CompositeMaterial German company SPAES created a custom instrument panel overlays using composite materials for the Airbus AS350 (H125) helicopter

    Installation of Direct Call Unit in Airbus H125, 27-Mar-22 : #PCB German SPAES, specialized in technical solutions for helicopters, now offering Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly in its own EASA Part 21G Production Organization.

    Stowage Cabinet for Airbus H145, 08-Jul-21 : #stowage SPAES manufactures and certifies six stowage cabinets for installation in Airbus H145 helicopter

    Circulation Air Disinfection for H145, 29-Mar-21 : #UVCAD As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, SPAES installed UV-CAD circulating air disinfection system in Airbus H145 air ambulance helicopter

    USB Charger Replacement for H145, 10-Feb-21 : #USB SPAES replaces USB charger in the cockpit of Airbus H145 helicopter with a customer.

    Bo105 Helicopter Cockpit Upgrade, 18-Jan-21 : #Bo105 German SPAES GmbH & Co. KG completed upgraded of Bo105 helicopter cockpit with Garmin G500H TXi layout using GTN 750 / 650 and GTX 345R avionics

    26-Oct-20 - Air Disinfection for Aircraft and Helicopters #coronavirus
    13-Oct-20 - SPAES is EASA Part 21G Production Organisation #Part21G
    01-Aug-20 - Night Vistion System for H145 #NVIS
    08-Jul-20 - External Mirror Mounting for AS350 #mirror
    08-May-20 - Mounting Hamilton T1 Ventilator in H145 #HamiltonT1
    29-Feb-20 - Relocation of ADF and RAD ALT Antennas on Bk117 #antenna
    29-Jan-20 - Digital Heading Indicator for AS350/H125 Heli-Expo 2020
    25-Nov-19 - New Medical EC155 for Johanniter Luftrettung #EC155
    04-Oct-19 - Search and Landing Lights for Bk117 #lights
    28-May-19 - Garmin Radar Altimeter for AS350 #RadarAltimeter
    29-Mar-19 - TETRA Radio System with NVIS for EC135
    07-Mar-19 - Adapter Plates for Medical AS365 #medical
    22-Feb-19 - ADS-B Traffic Sensor for AS350 and EC130 #Traffic
    06-Feb-19 - Installation of Spidertracks in helicopter Bk117 #spidertracks
    25-Jan-19 - Medical Racks for EC135 by SPAES
    07-Oct-18 - Installation of SLANT Console in EC135 #EC135
    01-Aug-18 - Wucher Bell 205 for Long Line Cargo Hook Load #accessories
    05-Jul-18 - Emergency Locator Transmitter for AS350/355 #ELT

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