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S-61N 61-815 1979HS-HTA : TAS from 2001
S-76A 76-0131 1980HS-HTB : TAS from Aug04
S-61N Mk.II 61-722 1974HS-HTC : TAS from Jun93
S-76A 76-0187 HS-HTD : TAS from Mar00
S-92A 92-0143 2011HS-HTF : Thai Aviation Services from Jan13
S-76A 76-0187 HS-HTG : TAS Jul97-Sep99
S-61N 61-815 1979HS-HTH : TAS Jan97-Jul00
S-92A 92-0146 2011HS-HTH : Thai Aviation Services from Jan13
: 02jul15 at NST airport on Chevron terminal for off-shore transpor ...
: 14sep17 at Helitek Brisbane, Australia for maintenance
S-76A 76-0148 HS-HTI : TAS from Jul00
S-76C 76-0546 HS-HTK : TAS Mar04
S-76A 76-0017 1979HS-HTL : TAS Jun93-Apr97
S-76C 76-0693 2007HS-HTL : TAS, ex 9M-AIP
S-76A 76-0044 1980HS-HTM : TAS Jun93-Jun99
S-76C 76-0537 2003HS-HTM : TAS canc Oct11
S-76A 76-0015 HS-HTO : TAS Jun01-Sep04
S-61N Mk.II 61-773 1978HS-HTO : TAS from Jan06 (or sep05)
S-61N 61-297 1966HS-HTP : TAS Jun93-Mar97
S-76A 76-0102 1980HS-HTQ : TAS Jun93-Jun97
: TAS Jan03-Mar04, rtn C-GIMQ
: TAS Feb05-2007, rtn C-GIMQ
S-76A 76-0032 HS-HTR : TAS Dec00
S-76A 76-0150 1979HS-HTS : TAS Nov01-Apr05
S-76A 76-0010 1979HS-HTU : TAS from Jul00
S-76A 76-0213 1981HS-HTX : TAS Oct96-Mar04
S-76C 76-0561 2004HS-HTZ : TAS from Sep04
S-92A 92-0279 2015HS-HVB : TAS Jul16
S-76D 76-1059 HS-HVC : TAS, test serial N7659Y
S-76D 76-1060 HS-HVD : TAS, test serial N7660Q
S-76D 76-1063 HS-HVE : TAS, test serial N7663P
S-76D 76-1064 HS-HVF : TAS, test serial N7664W
S-76D 76-1066 HS-HVG : TAS, test serial N766Z

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