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First EC145 delivered to Sabah Air Aviation, 30-Nov-10 : Kuala Lumpur, Eurocopter Malaysia is pleased to present the first EC145 helicopter, the first of its type in Malaysia to Sabah Air Aviation which will be used for medical airlift missions in the Sabah region, north of Borneo.

Model Types

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  EC EC14512010
  Bell 206

List of Aircraft

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212 30718 19759M-ATC : Sabah Air, to C-FNMC
206B-3 Jet Ranger 2330 9M-AWB : Sabah Air
206B-3 Jet Ranger 2351 9M-AWD : Sabah Air
206B-3 Jet Ranger 2480 9M-AXH : Sabah Air; w/o 11apr11 crashed shortly after lift-off from Datara ...
412SP 33204 19899M-AYW : Sabah Air Malaysia, test serial N3214Y
206L-3 Long Ranger 51484 9M-AZK : Sabah Air
412SP 33171 9M-BCL : Sabah Air; w/o 29nov95 off the coast of Labuan, Malaysia. En-rout ...
EC145 9246 20099M-CMD : Sabah Air; Can be configured to Emergency Medical Service (EMS) t ...
206L-4 Long Ranger 52253 9M-KUL : Sabah Air
AW109S Grand 22060 20079M-YHM : Sabah Air from Nov07

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