united kingdom North Scottish Helicopters

Management Aviation Ltd. September 1983 absorbed by Bond Helicopters

Model Types

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Aerospatiale AS332L Super Puma
Sikorsky S-61N Mk.II
Sikorsky S-76A

List of Aircraft

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AS332L Super Puma 2077 1983F-WXFD : North Scottish Helicopters; Jun83 as /118H still with Aerospatia ...
S-61N Mk.II 61-767 1977G-BHAH : Managment Aviation Ltd (North Scottish Helicopters) Oct79-Mar83
S-76A 760135 1981G-BIEH : North Scottish; pictured (pic1) at LeBourget airshow Paris, Fran ...
S-76A 760112 1980G-BNSH : reg G-BNSH Nov 1980
: 16 Oct 1981 damaged following engine fire during ground test run ...
AS332L Super Puma 2038 1983G-PUMA : North Scottish Helicopters, noted Jun83
AS332L Super Puma 2075 1983G-PUMB : 1984 North Scottish Helicopters
AS332L Super Puma 2091 1983G-PUME : Managment Aviation Ltd (North Scottish Helicopters) from 03aug83
AS332L Super Puma 2101 1984G-PUMH : Managment Aviation Ltd (North Scottish Helicopters) Aug83-Jun84

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