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Congress Urges Army to Continue Chinook Production, 01-Jun-19 : #Chinook US Army’ plans to cancel Chinook production in favour of future projects was rejected by the Congress’ defense spending panel

Safe Helicopters Now Act, 21-Jan-19 : #SafeHelicopters US Congress introduced the “Safe Helicopters Now Act” legislation to provide helicopter manufacturers with a tax credit for retrofitting existing emergency helicopters with safer fuel systems

Kirtland AFB to Receive 14 HH-60W from 2020, 31-May-16 : Kirtland will be the first Air Force base to receive the new Combat Rescue Helicopters CRH-60 / HH-60W, a total of 14 aircraft between fiscal year 2020 and 2028.

USCG Newport Air Station For Two More Years, 10-Dec-15 : Oregon’s Congressional Delegation announced they have secured a provision in the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2015 that would keep the Newport air facility open for at least two years.

Ospreys for Japan Notified to US Congress, 05-May-15 : U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency delivered required certification notifying Congress of possible sale of 17 V-22B Block C Ospreys tilt-rotors to Japan for an estimated cost of $3 billion

Senate Announced 41 More UH-72A Lakotas, 13-Feb-15 : US Army approved $220.5 M contract for production of 41 UH-72A Lakota helicopters in Columbus according to US Senator Thad Cochran (R-Miss) chairman of the Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee

10-Dec-14 - Omnibus Spending Bill for CRH-60 and Marine One
17-Jan-14 - US Congress funds 20 more UH-72A Lakotas
07-Jun-13 - Texans call Congress for UH-72A funds
21-Sep-00 - Black Hawk and UH-1N for Colombia

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