Helicopter Serials


BE Belgium : OO

OO-152 2009 A600 Talon
OO-153 2009 A600 Talon
OO-155 A600 Talon
OO-158 2011 A600 Talon
OO-AAI 1995 a109c
OO-AAN 1991 a109c
OO-ABL as350b3
OO-AHE 1985 A109a-II
OO-AKK 1992 as350b2
OO-ARI 2009 ec130b4
OO-ASM se3130
OO-ATO 2015 Cabri G2
OO-CCC 2008 md520n
OO-CEO raven II
OO-CHC raven II
OO-CHE raven II
OO-CMQ 1993 beta Quick Service Helicopters
OO-COB 206a
OO-COP 1970 ab206a
OO-CRO 1991 beta Best in Sky
OO-CVM raven II
OO-CWH se3130
OO-CWT 1996 md900
OO-DBW 1995 beta Paramount Helicopters NV
OO-DHA r22
OO-DIX 2000 a109e AgustaWestland Belgium
OO-DTE 2000 EC120B
OO-DTZ beta II Best in Sky
OO-DYD raven
OO-ECB 2000 EC120B NHV
OO-EGB beta
OO-EGC beta
OO-EGH beta
OO-EGJ 1996 astro
OO-EMT 2012 407gx
OO-EVL 2009 ec130b4
OO-GEA 2009 206b-3
OO-GLS 2005 beta II
OO-GUN 1997 330
OO-HCA 2006 raven II Heli and Co
OO-HCE as355n
OO-HCI 2008 EC120B Heli and Co
OO-HCP r44 Heli and Co
OO-HCT raven Heli and Co
OO-HCW as350ba Heli and Co
OO-HCY raven Heli and Co
OO-HCZ as355n Heli and Co
OO-HDZ beta II Heli and Co
OO-HNE 2004 raven II
OO-HOP 1974 ab206b Publi Air
OO-HPS 2005 beta II Best in Sky
OO-HSN 1989 as355f2
OO-ISA 2006 raven II Best in Sky
OO-JCS 300c
OO-JMG 1968 206a
OO-JYD 2005 beta II Best in Sky
OO-KBH raven KBM Helicopters
OO-KJT 2007 beta II
OO-KNC raven II
OO-LRL 47g-2
OO-LXY raven
OO-LYL 1965 Sioux
OO-MBE 1956 47g-2
OO-MDP 1999 300c
OO-MGE a109c
OO-MMC 2000 EC120B
OO-MML 2016 407gxp
OO-MRI md520n
OO-MTM raven II
OO-NHA md902 NHV
OO-NHB ec145 NHV
OO-NHC 1998 as365n3 NHV
OO-NHD as365n3 NHV
OO-NHE as365n3 NHV
OO-NHF 1995 md900 NHV
OO-NHG as365n3 NHV
OO-NHH as365n3 NHV
OO-NHI 2009 md902 NHV
OO-NHJ 2009 ec155b1 NHV
OO-NHK ec155b1 NHV
OO-NHL 2007 md902 NHV
OO-NHM 2006 as365n3 NHV
OO-NHP 2007 ec155b1 NHV
OO-NHQ 2007 ec155b1 NHV
OO-NHT ec155b1 NHV
OO-NHU 2004 as365n3 NHV
OO-NHV as365n3 NHV
OO-NHX 2005 as365n3 NHV
OO-NHY 2006 as365n3 NHV
OO-NHZ 1992 as365n2 NHV
OO-NSD ec175 NHV
OO-NSE ec175 NHV
OO-NSF ec175 NHV
OO-NSG ec175 NHV
OO-NSH ec155b1 NHV
OO-NSI 2016 ec175 NHV
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