united kingdom 1360 (Helicopter) Flight

Royal Air Force

1360 Flt :

1957 to 1958    

An earlier plan to form up as a Meteorological Flight in India had been abandoned and 1360 (Helicopter) Flight formed at RAF St. Mawgan with Whirlwinds from X Flight of 22 Squadron, on the Cornish north coast to prepare for support operations in the Pacific islands. It disbanded on 1 Feb 1958, still at St. Mawgan and became 217 Squadron.

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1957/58Newquay / St MawganEGHQ


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1360 Flt List of helicopters

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
wa103 har.2 1956 XJ757 : HAR.2 22 Sq; 1360 Flt; 217 Sq
wa104 har.2 1956 XJ758 : HAR.2 22 Sq; 1360 Flt; 217 Sq