algeria 560ème Escadron de Recherche et Sauvetage

Al Quwwat Al Bahria Al Djaza eria

560 SAR Squadron
Algerian National Navy

2010 to present    

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2015/    AW139
2014/    Super Lynx mk140
2011/    AW101 610
2010/    Super Lynx mk130

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
513 mk140 ?: Algeria, UK serial ZK195
518 mk140 ?: Algeria, UK serial ZK196
467 mk130 2009 ?: Algerian Naval Forces d/d 20sep10; uk ZK183
AgustaWestland UK ZK183: Algerian Navy Forces colours; First Flight 22Dec09
468 mk130 2011 ?: Algerian Naval Forces; uk ZK184
AgustaWestland UK ZK184: Algerian Navy Forces colours
50228 aw101.610 AN-01: Algerian Naval Forces; UK G-17-610, ZR328
AgustaWestland UK G-17-610: AgustaWestland UK test serial AW101 Mk610 for Algeria
50229 aw101.610 AN-02: Algerian Naval Forces d/d 23may11; UK G-17-611, ZR329
AgustaWestland UK ZR329: UK test serial AW101 Mk610 for Algeria
50230 aw101.610 AN-03: Algerian Naval Forces; UK G-17-612, ZR330
AgustaWestland UK ZR330: UK test serial AW101 Mk610 for Algeria
50231 aw101.610 AN-04: Algerian Naval Forces d/d 14feb12; UK G-17-613, ZR331
AgustaWestland UK ZR331: UK test serial AW101 Mk610 for Algeria; 31may11 pictured at St Mawgan
50232 aw101.610 AN-05: Algerian Naval Forces d/d 24may11; UK G-17-614, ZR332
AgustaWestland UK ZR332: UK test serial AW101 Mk610 for Algeria
50233 aw101.610 AN-06: Algerian Naval Forces d/d 30jul11; UK G-17-615, ZR333
465 mk130 2010 AN-07: Algerian Naval Forces d/d 20sep10; uk ZK181
AgustaWestland UK ZK181: Algerian Navy Forces colours
466 mk130 2010 AN-08: Algerian Naval Forces d/d 10feb11; uk ZK182
AgustaWestland UK ZK182: Algerian Navy Forces colours
31556 aw139 AS-12: Algerian Naval Forces from Feb15, rescue
31563 aw139 AS-14: Algerian Naval Forces from Feb15, test serial CSX81850; rescue
31564 aw139 AS-16: Algerian Naval Forces from Feb15; rescue
507 mk140 LC-31: Algeria, UK serial ZK191
508 mk140 LC-32: Algeria, UK serial ZK192
AgustaWestland UK ZK192: 04aug15 practice approach at Newquay as /Westland11
509 mk140 LC-33: Algeria Navy, UK serial ZK193; 27apr15 pictured at Newquay, England
510 mk140 LC-34: Algeria Mar15, UK serial ZK194
19 C/N found in this Organisation.

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