belgium 16 smaldeel

Aviation Légère de la Force Terrestre

16 sm : 16 squadron
Belgian Army Light Aviation

1953 to 2004    

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1953/95DE ButzweilerhofETBB


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1959/04Alouette II

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
1293 se3130 A01: Belgian Army c/n 1293/C127; 13sep60 w/o
1304 se3130 A02: Belgian Army c/n 1304/C135; 22sep60 w/o
1305 se3130 A03: Belgian Army c/n 1305/C136; 29mar83 w/o
1378 se3130 A04:
1379 se3130 A05: SE3130 1379/173C; Belgian Army d/d 1960; Nov93 last operational squadron+
- A05: 1998 seen stored at Toussus le Noble, France; 2001 fuselage at La Ferte Alais, France
- -: 13sep08 pictured being rebuilt at La Ferte-Allais (Aeroport de Cerny), South of Paris, France; Appar...
1422 se3130 A06: Belgian Army c/n 1422/C195; 12oct84 w/o
1423 se3130 A07: Belgian Army c/n 1423/C196; 09jun61 w/o
1467 se3130 A08: Belgian Army c/n 1467/C222 in 1983 18Sm.
A08: displayed at Musee Royal de l Armee from c Jan 1989
1468 se3130 A09: Belgian Army c/n 1468/C223; 26mar91 w/o
1534 se3130 A10:
A10: crashed at Butzweilerhof.
A10: at BAF Technical School, Saffraanberg between c 1977 and c 1987
1535 se3130 A11:
1614 se3130 A17: Belgian Army c/n 1614/C315; 16aug67 w/o
1624 se3130 A18: Belgian Army c/n 1624/320C; 27jun07 pictured preserved at Conservatoire de+
1626 se3130 A19: Belgian Army c/n 1626/C322; 30may68 w/o
1646 se3130 A20: Belgian Army c/n 1646/C337; 23nov88 w/o
1661 se3130 A21:
1662 se3130 A22: Belgian Army c/n 1662/348C; 2004 16BnHln.
1710 se3130 A26: Belgian Army c/n 1710/381C; 19may79 pictured at Brasschaat. Puma G01 on ba+
1711 se3130 A27: Belgian Army c/n 1711/382C; Jul84 pictured
1752 se3130 A28: Belgian Army c/n 1752/C409; 20jan64 w/o
1753 se3130 1962 A29: Belgian Army c/n 1753/C410; A29 in service; now preserved in KLu Museum, S+
1766 se3130 A30: Belgian Army c/n 1766/C418; 04sep87 w/o
1781 se3130 A33: Belgian Army c/n 1781/C429; 02jul75 w/o
1791 se3130 A34: Belgian Army c/n 1791/434C; in 1999 gate guard Bierset, 2004 still gate gu+
1792 se3130 A35: Belgian Army c/n 1792/C435; 23nov88 w/o
1802 se3130 A36: Belgian Army c/n 1802/C440; 18sep74 w/o
1803 se3130 A37: Belgian Army c/n 1803/441C in 1993 SLV ; 1999 16BnHLn.
1851 se3130 A39: Belgian Army c/n 1851/C485; 03dec66 w/o
1958 sa318c A41: Belgian Army c/n 1958/586C-A41; 2004 16BnHLn.
- A41: 03Dec16 pictured at International Helicopter Museum
1959 sa318c A42: Belgian Army c/n 1959/587C-A42
A42: 19may79 pictured at Brasschaat, 30 years mrks
A42: 1997 16BnHLn; w/o 31aug01
1960 sa318c A43: Belgian Army c/n 1960/558C-A43; 1997 16BnHLn.; 1999 16BnHLn.
1961 sa318c A44: Belgian Army c/n 1961/589C-A44 in 1999 16BnHLn.
1962 sa318c A45: Belgian Army c/n 1962/C590-A45 assembled at SABCA; 10mar94 w/o
1964 sa318c A46: Belgian Army c/n 1964/592C-A46; 2004 stored/wfu Brasschaat
A46: 04jun06 pictured preserved at Beauvechain air base (EBBE) museum
1986 sa318c A47: Belgian Army c/n 1986/614C-A63 assembled at SABCA; 1999 16BnHLn./2; 2004 1+
1989 sa318c A49: Belgian Army c/n 1989/616C-A66; 1997 SLV; 1999 16BnHLn.
Belgian Air Force A49: BAF from 2004; in 2007 16sq MRH.
1990 sa318c A50: Belgian Army c/n 1990/617C-A67 in 1999 /4 16BnHLn.
A50: Visited RAF Lakenheath on 6 Oct 1999 as OT-ACK
1993 sa318c A52: Belgian Army c/n 1993/C620-A70 assembled at SABCA; 08aug71 w/o
1995 sa318c A53: Belgian Army c/n 1995/622C-A72 in 1999 16BnHLn.
Belgian Air Force A53: FAB A-53 d/d 2004; 06jul08 pictured at Kleine Brogel airbase (EBBL) during Defense days
1996 sa318c A54: Belgian Army c/n 1996/623C-A73 in 1995 SLV
A54: 13oct95 SLV visit Antwerp
1998 sa318c A55: Belgia Army c/n 1998/625C-A75 assembled at SABCA; 2004 SLV
1999 sa318c A56: Belgian Army c/n 1999/626C-A76 in 1987 16sm. ; w/o Nov1988
2009 sa318c A57: Belgian Army c/n 2009/636C-A85 assembled at SABCA; 2003 16BnHLn.
Belgian Air Force A57: 18aug09 pictured at Koksijde beach in one of the last Belgian Alouette flights before retirement
Belgian Air Force A57: BAF from 2004; 2004 16sq MRH.
2010 sa318c A58: Belgian Army c/n 2010/C637/A86 assembled at SABCA; 08oct69 w/o
2018 sa318c A59: Belgian Army c/n 2018/645C-A94 in 1993 SLV ; 1999 /5 16BnHLn.
2019 sa318c A60: Belgian Army c/n 2019/C646-A95 assembled at SABCA; 03feb73 w/o
2034 sa318c A61: Belgian Army c/n 2034/658C-A110 assembled at SABCA; 2004 SLV
2035 sa318c A62: Belgian Army c/n 2035/659C-A111 assembled at SABCA; 1999 16BnHLn.; 2004 16+
2049 sa318c A63: Belgian Army c/n 2049/C670-A125 assembled at SABCA; 17oct88 w/o
2050 sa318c A64: Belgian Army c/n 2050/671C-A126; 1987 16sm.; 1995 SLV; 1999 16BnHLn.; 2003+
2057 sa318c A65: Belgian Army c/n 2057/676C-A110 assembled at SABCA; 2004 SLV
2064 sa318c A66: Belgian Army c/n 2064/682C-A140 assembled with SABCA
A66: 19may79 pictured at Brasschaat
A66: 1999 16 BnHLn; 2004 SLV
Belgian Air Force A66: BAF from 2004; in 2007 16sq MRH.
2065 sa318c A67: Belgian Army c/n 2065/683C-A141; 1992 17sm.; 24Sep93 w/o
2068 sa318c A68: Belgian Army c/n 2068/684C-A144
Belgian Air Force A68: BAF from 2004, c/n 2068/684C; 2007 16sq MRH.
Belgian Air Force A68: 25mar07 pictured at Kortrijk-Wevelgem open door
2072 sa318c A69: Belgian Army c/n 2072/688C-A148 assembled at SABCA; 1999 16BnHLn./3; 2004 +
2079 sa318c A70: Belgian Army c/n 2079/694C-A155 assembled at SABCA; 2004 SLV
2080 sa318c A71: Belgian Army c/n 2080/C695-A156 assembled at SABCA; 08aug71 w/o
2087 sa318c A73: Belgian Army c/n 2087/700C-A163 in 1999 16BnHLn.
2095 sa318c A75: Belgian Army c/n 2095/707C-A171 assembled at SABCA; 1997 SLV; 2003 16BnHLn+
A75: Visited RAF Lakenheath on 6 Oct 1999 as OT-ADF
Belgian Air Force A75: BAF from 2004; 2004 16sq MRH
2110 sa318c A76: Belgian Army c/n 2110/C719-A186 assembled at SABCA; 23feb95 w/o
2124 sa318c A77: Belgian Army c/n 2124/730C-A200 assembled at SABCA; 1999 16BnHLn.; 2004 16+
2133 sa318c A78: Belgian Army c/n 2133/737C-A209; 1997 16BnHLn.; 1999 16BnHLn.; 2004 16BnHL+
2138 sa318c A79: Belgian Army c/n 2138/742C-A214; 2004 SLV
A79: 17jul07 SLV. Operational Intergration Exercise, photo call
2139 sa318c A80: Belgian Army c/n 2139/743C-A215 in 1997 16BnHLn. ; 1999 /1 16BnHLn.
2142 sa318c A81: Belgian Army c/n 2142/745C-A218 in 1993 SLV ; 1999 16BnHLn.
65 C/N found in this Organisation.

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