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    State of Arizona

    Air Medical Services



    aerocare arizona

    Established 1989, AeroCare Medical Transport served the Navajo Nation, Northern Arizona and the Four Corners. Operated by Omni Air Transport

    Since 2001, accreditated by CAMTS

    Since 2015, part of AMRG

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    Airbus Helicopters H125 / AS350B3e Ecureuil
    Airbus Helicopters H130 / EC130T2
    Eurocopter AS350B3e Ecureuil

    AeroCare Medical Transport List of helicopters

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    7474 as350b3e 2012 N854MB : AeroCare Medical Transport by Aug17, op by AMRG, pictured (pic2)
    Eurocopter USA N854MB : American Eurocopter Aug12
    Guardian Flight N854MB : AMRG Guardian Flight at South Jordan, UT Jan13-Apr18
    State of Hawaii N854MB : Hawaii Life Flight, op by AMRG by 2017?, pictured (pic1)
    State of New Mexico N854MB : Air Evac EMS Inc at O Fallon, Mi Apr/Aug 2018; Gallup MedFlight
    State of California N854MB : Reach Air Medical Services Llc at Santa Rosa, CA from Aug18
    : 15jan19 asg REACH Air Medical Services (R24) Belgrade, Montana
    : Jul19 as /REACH 24 pictured (pic3) in the Pipestone OHV Area near Whitehal+
    7615 as350b3e 2013 N857MB : AeroCare Medical Transport by Dec17, op by AMRG, pictured
    Eurocopter USA N857MB : American Eurocopter May13
    Guardian Flight N857MB : AMRG Guardian Flight at South Jordan, UT from Dec13
    8011 h125 2015 N889GT : AeroCare Medical Transport, op by Guardian Flight, pictured
    Airbus Helicopters USA N193AH : Airbus Feb15
    Guardian Flight N889GT : Guardian Flight Inc at South Jordan, UT from Feb17
    8151 h130 2015 N892GT : AeroCare Medical Transport, op by AMRG by Aug18, pictured
    Airbus Helicopters USA N397AH : Airbus Jan16
    Guardian Flight N892GT : Guardian Flight at South Jordan, UT Mar17

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