Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra

2nd maneuver helicopter battalion
Spanish Army Aviation

1971 to 2008    

Created december 25, 1975 as UHEL II. Became Batallon Helicopteros de Maniobra 2 on june 1988. Redesignated BHELEME

Was dissolved on February 2008. It's locations were: El Aaiun (Spanish Sahara) since 1971 to 1975, then El Copero to 1979 and the Betera

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1979/07Valencia / BeteraLEBT
1975/79El CoperoLEEC
1971/75EH LaâyouneGMML


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1999/08AS332 Super Puma
1998/08Super Puma/Cougar
1975/83Alouette III

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
S-453 Bo105 1979 HA.15-19: ET-301. CASA bo105ath S-4.453
S-463 Bo105 1980 HA.15-33 : ET-302. CASA bo105ath S-4.463
S-471 Bo105 HA.15-34: ET-303. CASA bo105ath S-4.471
HA.15-34: Preserved at Almagro, since at least Sep 2019
S-474 Bo105 HA.15-35: ET-304. CASA bo105ath S-4.474
HA.15-35: Stored, since at least Sep 2019
HA.15-35: Stored, since at least Sep 2019
S-475 Bo105 HA.15-36: ET-305. CASA bo105ath S-4.475
S-482 Bo105 HA.15-37: ET-306. CASA bo105ath S-4.482
S-484 Bo105 HA.15-38: ET-307. CASA bo105ath S-4.484
S-485 Bo105 HA.15-39: ET-308. CASA bo105ath S-4.485
HA.15-39: Stored at Almagro, since at least Sep 2019
S-494 Bo105 1980 HA.15-40: test seriAl D-HDPV
HA.15-40: ET-309. CASA bo105ath S-4.494
HA.15-40: pictured at Cuatro Vientos
S-505 Bo105 HA.15-43: ET-312. CASA bo105ath S-4.505
HA.15-43: Stored at Almagro, since at least Sep 2019
S-513 Bo105 HA.15-44: ET-313. CASA bo105ath S-4.513
HA.15-44: Stored at Almagro, since at least Sep 2019.
S-514 Bo105 HA.15-45: ET-314. CASA bo105ath S-4.514
S-515 Bo105 HA.15-46: ET-315. CASA bo105ath S-4.515
S-516 Bo105 HA.15-47: ET-316. CASA bo105ath S-4.516
HA.15-47: Stored at Almagro, since at least Sep 2019.
S-519 Bo105 HA.15-48: ET-317. CASA bo105ath S-4.519
S-520 Bo105 HA.15-49: ET-318. CASA bo105ath S-4.520
S-521 Bo105 HA.15-50: ET-319. CASA bo105ath S-4.521
HA.15-50: Stored at Almagro, since at least Sep 2019.
S-522 Bo105 HA.15-51: ET-320. CASA bo105ath S-4.522
S-524 Bo105 HA.15-52: ET-321. CASA bo105ath S-4.524
S-525 Bo105 HA.15-53: ET-322. CASA bo105ath S-4.525
HA.15-53: Stored at Almagro, since at least Sep 2019.
S-526 Bo105 HA.15-54: ET-323. CASA bo105ath S-4.526
S-529 Bo105 HA.15-55: ET-324. CASA bo105ath S-4.529
HA.15-55: Stored at Almagro, since at least Sep 2019.
HA.15-55: Stored at Almagro, since at least Sep 2019.
S-530 Bo105 HA.15-56: ET-325. CASA bo105ath S-4.530
S-531 Bo105 HA.15-57: ET-326. CASA bo105ath S-4.531
S-534 Bo105 HA.15-58: ET-327. CASA bo105ath S-4.534
HA.15-58: Stored at Almagro, since at least Sep 2019.
S-535 Bo105 HA.15-59: ET-328. CASA bo105ath S-4.535
S-483 Bo105 HA.15-61: ET-162. CASA bo105ath S-4.483
S-486 Bo105 HA.15-62: ET-163. CASA bo105ath S-4.486
S-493 Bo105 HA.15-63: ET-164. CASA bo105ath S-4.493. to Guardia Civil as HU.15-63
Spanish Military Police HU.15-63: 09-124. CASA S-4.493. ex EC-063
S-512 Bo105 HA.15-66: ET-167. CASA bo105gsh S-4.512
S-533 Bo105 HA.15-73: ET-174. CASA bo105ath S-4.533. HR.15-73
S-537 Bo105 HA.15-75: ET-176. CASA bo105ath S-4.537. HR.15-75
HA.15-75: Preserved in vocational training centre "Profesor Raúl Vázquez" in Madri+
S-359 105p HA.15-84: ET-329. ex HEER 98+38
German Army Aviation 98+38: WTD61 for testing; to Spain Army as HA.15-84 ET-329
2241 sa319b HA.16-6: ET-353
Spanish Air Force HD.16-6: 803Esc w/o 23nov82
2227 sa319b HD.16-5: ET-352
S-67 105c HE.15-10: ET-132
HE.15-10: Preserved at Los Llanos since at least May 2017
S-68 105c HE.15-11: ET-131
S-69 105c HE.15-12: ET-130
S-70 105c 1972 HE.15-13: ET-127
MBB D-HDBU: MBB toward D-9586
German Air Force D-9586: WTD61 ex D-HDBU re-registered to 98+15
German Air Force 98+15: WTD61 ex D-9586 re-registered to 82+95
German Air Force 82+95: WTD61 ex 98+15 toward HE.15-13
S-71 105c HE.15-14: ET-135
German Army Aviation 82+96: Jun77 pictured unk location; to FAMET as ET-135. Notice c/n under seat
S-85 105c HE.15-15: ET-134
HE.15-15: In storage at Colmenar Viejo; to IES Barajas by Jan 2019
HE.15-15: Ground trainer at Barajas, since at least Jan 2019
S-200 105c HE.15-16: ET-129. preserved
S-2 105a HE.15-6: ET-137. gate guardian Colmenar Viejo
MBB D-9573: MBB, reser D-HMBL, 98+07; conv Bo.105C, to Spain
S-7 105a HE.15-7: ET-133. w/o during traiing flight. (Cap. Lorenzo and Lt Valle killed whil+
MBB D-HBWB: MBB, to West Germany as D-9574
- D-9574: Jun73 as /18 at Paris Air Show 1973; to 98+09
German Army Aviation 98+09: Bundeswehr Technical Establishment; to 82+89
German Army Aviation 82+89: Heer, to Spanish Army
S-38 105c HE.15-8: ET-128
S-39 105a HE.15-9: ET-136
MBB D-9582: MBB reser D-HDAQ, 98+11, 82+9?; conv to Bo.105C
8197 ab206a-1 HR.12-1: ET-109. gate guardian Colmenar Viejo as HR.12B-15
8129 ab206a-1 HR.12-2: ET-196
8136 ab206a-1 HR.12-3: ET-197. museo del aire Cuatro Vientos, Madrid
8140 ab206a-1 HR.12A-4: ET-198. museo del aire Cuatro Vientos, Madrid
8144 ab206a-1 HR.12A-5: ET-199. museo del aire Cuatro Vientos, Madrid
S-451 Bo105 HR.15-17: ET-138. CASA bo105loh S-4.451. to Guardia Civil as HU.15-00/HGC-00
Spanish Military Police HU.15-00: ex HR.15-17. museum ?
Airbus Helicopters Spain ET-138: Mounted on pole in overall white c/s outside Airbus España facility at Albacete, since at least Nov...
S-452 Bo105 HR.15-18: ET-160. CASA bo105loh S-4.452. preserved inside base Colmemar Viejo
S-454 105c HR.15-20: ET-139. CASA bo105loh S-4.454. to Guardia Civil as HU.15-20
Spanish Military Police HU.15-20: 09-121. Bo105CB. ex EC-060
Spanish Military Police HU.15-20: pictured at Eurocopter tarmac, Cuatro Vientos, Madrid
S-460 Bo105 HR.15-21: ET-140. CASA bo105loh S-4.460. Preserved Museo del Aire Cuatro Vientos, Ma+
HR.15-21: Preserved Museo del Aire since at least 2017
HR.15-21: pictured (pic1) at Museo del Aire
S-461 Bo105 HR.15-22: ET-141. CASA bo105loh S-4.461
S-462 Bo105 HR.15-23: ET-142. CASA bo105loh S-4.462. preserved Agoncillo
S-464 Bo105 HR.15-24: ET-143. CASA bo105loh S-4.464
HR.15-24: ET-143 esta ahora en la Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, delante del C+
HR.15-24: Instructional airframe at Universidad Politécnica de València since at l+
S-465 Bo105 HR.15-25: ET-144. CASA bo105loh S-4.465. museo Cuatro Vientos
S-466 Bo105 HR.15-26: ET-145. CASA bo105loh S-4.466. w/o 11nov86
S-467 Bo105 HR.15-27: ET-146. CASA bo105loh S-4.467
HR.15-27: Instructional Airframe at CIFp, since at least Feb 2019
S-468 Bo105 HR.15-28: ET-147. CASA bo105loh S-4.468
HR.15-28: G.I. in northern suburb of Santander since at least Oct 2018
S-469 Bo105 HR.15-29: ET-148. CASA bo105loh S-4.469. to Guardia Civil as HU.15-29
Spanish Military Police HU.15-29: 09-122. Bo105CB. ex EC-061
S-470 Bo105 HR.15-30: ET-149. CASA bo105loh S-4.470. w/o 05sep90
S-472 Bo105 HR.15-31: ET-150. CASA bo105loh S-4.472. to Guardia Civil as HU.15-31
Spanish Military Police HU.15-31: 09-123. Bo105CB. ex EC-062
S-473 Bo105 HR.15-32: ET-151. CASA bo105loh S-4.473
HR.15-32: Mounted on a pole / plinth at Almagro since at least Dec 2010.
HR.15-32: Stored at Almagro, since at least Sep 2019.
S-495 Bo105 HR.15-41: ET-310. CASA bo105ath S-4.495. ex HA.15-41
S-496 Bo105 HR.15-42: ET-311. CASA bo105ath S-4.496. ex HA.15-42
S-481 Bo105 HR.15-60: ET-161. CASA bo105gsh S-4.481
HR.15-60: G.I. in northern suburb of Santander since at least Oct 2018
S-497 Bo105 HR.15-64: ET-165. CASA bo105gsh S-4.497
S-504 Bo105 HR.15-65: ET-166. CASA bo105loh S-4.504. ex HA.15-65. to Guardia Civil as HU.15-65
Spanish Military Police HU.15-65: 09-125. CASA S-4.504. ex EC-064
S-517 Bo105 HR.15-67: ET-168. CASA bo105gsh S-4.517. to Guardia Civil as HU.15-67
Spanish Military Police HU.15-67: 09-126. CASA S-4.517. ex EC-065
S-518 Bo105 HR.15-68: ET-169. CASA bo105gsh S-4.518. ex HA.15-68. to Guardia Civil as HU.15-68
Spanish Military Police HU.15-68: 09-127. CASA S-4.518. ex EC-066
S-523 Bo105 HR.15-69: ET-170. CASA bo105gsh S-4.523. ex HA.15-69. to Guardia Civil as HU.15-69
Spanish Military Police HU.15-69: 09-128. CASA S-4.523. ex EC-067
S-527 Bo105 HR.15-70: ET-171. CASA bo105gsh S-4.527. ex HA.15-70. to Guardia Civil as HU.15-70
Spanish Military Police HU.15-70: 09-129. CASA S-4.527. ex EC-068
Spanish Military Police HU.15-70: 03aug11 pictured at Boltaña, Huesca
S-528 Bo105 HR.15-71: ET-172. CASA bo105gsh S-4.528. ex HA.15-71. to Guardia Civil as HU.15-71
Spanish Military Police HU.15-71: 09-130. CASA S-4.528. ex EC-069
S-532 Bo105 HR.15-72: ET-173. CASA bo105gsh S-4.532
HR.15-72: Ground trainer in workshops at Instituto de Ensenanza, since at least Jan +
S-536 Bo105 HR.15-74: ET-175. CASA bo105gsh S-4.536
S-538 Bo105 HR.15-76: ET-177. CASA bo105gsh S-4.538
S-327 Bo105 HR.15-83: ET-178. CASA bo105gsh S-4.327. gate Agoncillo
HR.15-83: Preserved on short stands at Agoncillo, since at least Oct 2018
2205 as332b HT.21-03: ET-505. to HU.21-03; From apr2002 to end 2002 tdy based at Manas (Kyrgyzs+
2208 as332b HT.21-04: ET-506
2198 as332b HT.21-05: ET-503
2202 as332b HT.21-06: ET-504, pictured (pic1); HT.21-06; HU.21-06
HT.21-06: pictured (pic 2) at Eurocopter tarmac, Madrid Cuatro Vientos airport
2211 as332b HT.21-07: CASA. ET-501. to HU.21-07?
HT.21-07: pictured during ferry stop at Santander
2214 as332b HT.21-08: CASA. ET-502. to HU.21-08?
2229 as332b HT.21-09: CASA. ET-507, reser HU.21-09
2236 as332b HT.21-10: CASA. ET-508. to HU.21-10?
2238 as332b HT.21-11: test serial F-ZVLR
HT.21-11: CASA. ET-509. to HU.21-11?
Military Emergencies Unit HU.21-11: Feb14 asg UME
2241 as332b HT.21-12: CASA. ET-510. to HU.21-12?
HT.21-12: pictured (pic1) Eurocopter tarmac, Cuatro Vientos
HT.21-12: pictured (pic2) maintenabce works at Eurocopter tarmac Cuatro Vientos
HT.21-12: pictured (pic3) on approach to Cuatro Vientos
Military Emergencies Unit HU.21-12: Feb14 asg UME
2242 as332b HT.21-13: CASA. ET-511. to HU.21-13?
2249 as332b HT.21-14: CASA. ET-512
2250 as332b HT.21-15: CASA. ET-513. SHEL w/o 07jun99
2256 as332b HT.21-16: CASA. ET-514. to HU.21-16?
2258 as332b HT.21-17: CASA. ET-515 reser HU.21-17
2260 as332b HT.21-18: CASA. ET-516. BHELMA IV w/o 04mar00
2262 as332b HT.21-19: CASA. ET-517
2270 as332b HT.21-20: ET-518; CASA AS332B HT.21-20; AS.332B1 HU.21-20
HT.21-20: pictured (pic1) at Tenerife, Canary Islands
HT.21-20: pictured (pic2) Maintenance works at Eurocopter tarmac, Cuatro Vientos
2465 as532ul HT.21-52: FAMET re registered to HU.21L-52
2486 as532ul HT.21-55: FAMET reregistered to HU.21L-55
2462 as532ul HT.27-03: ET-651; ex HT.21-51 HU.21L-51
HT.27-03: pictured (pic1) at Desfile del Día de la Hispanidad, Madrid
HT.27-03: pictured (pic2) (pic3) during loading certification on A400M cargo plane
2465 as532ul HT.27-04: ET-652; ex HT.21-52 HU.21L-52; FAMET BHELMA III
HT.27-04: asg TF Toro, Camp Taji, Iraq
HT.27-04: at Baghdad, Iraq
2466 as532ul HT.27-05: ET-653; ex HT.21-53 HU.21L-53; FAMET BHELMA II
2486 as532ul HT.27-07: ET-655; ex HT.21-55, HU.21L-55; 2005 pictured in Afghanistan with ISAF
2489 as532ul HT.27-08: ET-656; ex HU.21L-56;
2516 as532ul HT.27-10: ET-658; ex HU.21L-58
2536 as532ul HT.27-12: ET-660; ex HU.21L-60
2539 as532ul HT.27-13: ET-661; ex HU.21L-61
2562 as532ul HT.27-14: ET-662; ex HU.21L-62; should be c/n 2557 or 2562
HT.27-14: 2018 asg BHELMA IV
HT.27-14: 09apr19 pictured at Cuartel del Mando de Operaciones Especiales Alferez Ro+
2564 as532ul HT.27-15: ET-663; ex HU.21L-63
2581 as532ul HT.27-16: ET-664; ex HU.21L-64
2583 as532ul HT.27-17: ET-665, ex HU.21L-65
Eurocopter France F-ZKBH: Eurocopter toward HU.21L-65
2726 as532ul 2009 HT.27-18: ET-666; ex F-ZVRC
Eurocopter France F-ZVRC: Eurocopter toward HT.27-18
2737 as532ul HT.27-19: ET-667; ex F-ZWRH
12429 uh-1h HU.10-15: ET-252. w/o 18Jan89
12428 uh-1h HU.10-16: ET-253. xfer to Uruguay
Uruguayan Air Force 057: FAU d/d 2008; ex FAMET ET-253
12427 uh-1h HU.10-17: ET-254. FMS BuNo 70-15817
Uruguayan Air Force 056: FAU d/d 2008
Uruguayan Air Force 056: pictured at Aviation School on Air Force Day
12430 uh-1h HU.10-18: ET-255
HU.10-18: Instructional Airframe at Rabasa, since at least May 2017
12432 uh-1h HU.10-19: ET-256
12431 uh-1h HU.10-20: ET-257
Uruguayan Air Force 058: FAU; ex FAMET ET-257
12433 uh-1h HU.10-21: ET-258. FMS BuNo 70-15823
HU.10-21: Operating from Sant Climent Sescebes
HU.10-21: Operating from Betera
HU.10-21: Stored at Colmenar Viejo, since at least Jun 2004.
HU.10-21: Ground trainer at Barajas, since at least Jan 2019
12438 uh-1h HU.10-22: ET-259. xfer to Uruguay
Uruguayan Air Force 059: FAU d/d 2008; ex FAMET ET-259
Uruguayan Air Force 059: 24 pictured at La Calera training field, near Minas, Departamento de Lavalleja whilst attached to t...
12437 uh-1h HU.10-23: ET-260
12434 uh-1h HU.10-24: ET-261. FMS BuNo 70-15824
12435 uh-1h HU.10-25: ET-262
12436 uh-1h HU.10-26: ET-263. FMS BuNo 70-15826
12949 uh-1h HU.10-27: ET-207
12950 uh-1h HU.10-28: ET-208. w/o 16nov94
13225 uh-1h HU.10-30: ET-210
13226 uh-1h HU.10-31: ET-211
13227 uh-1h HU.10-32: ET-212
13228 uh-1h HU.10-33: ET-213
13229 uh-1h HU.10-34: ET-214
13230 uh-1h HU.10-35: ET-215
13231 uh-1h HU.10-36: ET-216
13292 uh-1h HU.10-40: ET-217
HU.10-40: Last FAMET UH-1H served at flight school; 12dec18 farewell ceremony at Co+
13293 uh-1h HU.10-41: ET-264
13294 uh-1h HU.10-42: ET-265. FMS BuNo 72-21594
13530 uh-1h HU.10-43: ET-266. FMS BuNo 72-21595
HU.10-43: wfu Nov 2005
HU.10-43: Displayed outdoors at Museum of Military History of the Canaries, since at+
13531 uh-1h HU.10-44: ET-218. FMS BuNo 73-21843
13532 uh-1h HU.10-45: ET-219. FMS BuNo 73-21844
13533 uh-1h HU.10-46: ET-220. FMS BuNo 73-21845
13534 uh-1h HU.10-47: ET-221. FMS BuNo 73-21846
13535 uh-1h 1973 HU.10-48: ET-222
HU.10-48: new type code : HU.10-......
HU.10-48: noted at Eurocopter facilities, Cuatro Vientos
HU.10-48: pictured at Eurocopter facilities, Cuatro Vientos
HU.10-48: noted Gando, Gran Canaria
HU.10-48: noted during sling load at Tenerife Norte - Los Rodeos
HU.10-48: withdrawn from service at Coronel Maté Air Base, Colmenar Viejo
US Army Aviation 73-21847:
13536 uh-1h HU.10-49: ET-223
13537 uh-1h HU.10-50: ET-224
13586 uh-1h HU.10-55: ET-225
13587 uh-1h HU.10-56: ET-226
13588 uh-1h HU.10-57: ET-227
13589 uh-1h HU.10-58: ET-228
HU.10-58: pictured (pic1) at Museo del Aire
13590 uh-1h HU.10-59: ET-229. FMS BuNo 73-22107
13591 uh-1h HU.10-60: ET-230
13592 uh-1h HU.10-61: ET-231. w/o 10aug89
13593 uh-1h HU.10-62: ET-232. w/o 18Sep80
13594 uh-1h HU.10-63: ET-233. FMS BuNo 73-22111
HU.10-63: preserved at Base Aérea de Agoncillo outside BHELMA III buildings by 2015+
13595 uh-1h HU.10-64: ET-234
13596 uh-1h HU.10-65: ET-235. FMS BuNo 73-22113
13597 uh-1h HU.10-66: ET-236. FMS BuNo 73-22114
13598 uh-1h HU.10-67: ET-237. FMS BuNo 73-22115
13599 uh-1h HU.10-68: ET-238
HU.10-68: G.I. in northern suburb of Santander since at least Oct 2018
13600 uh-1h HU.10-69: ET-239
13601 uh-1h HU.10-70: ET-240
HU.10-70: At Algete Laser Tag site since at least Feb 2019
13603 uh-1h HU.10-72: ET-242. FMS BuNo 73-22120
13604 uh-1h HU.10-73: ET-243. FMS BuNo 73-22121
13936 uh-1h HU.10-74: ET-244. FMS BuNo 77-22952
HU.10-74: On the Rota dump by Apr 2014.
13937 uh-1h HU.10-75: ET-245
13996 uh-1h HU.10-76: ET-246; FMS BuNo 78-23179
13997 uh-1h HU.10-77: ET-247; FMS BuNo 78-23180
13998 uh-1h HU.10-78: ET-248; FMS BuNo 78-23181; w/o 21may82
13999 uh-1h HU.10-79: ET-249; FMS BuNo 78-23182; w/o 21jan02
14000 uh-1h HU.10-80: ET-250; FMS BuNo 78-23183
14001 uh-1h HU.10-81: ET-251; FMS BuNo 78-23184; w/o 4jun97
2229 as332b HU.21-09: 2013 BHELMA IV, AS332B1 type; 2014 pictured (pic1) at PCMHEL ( Parque y C+
HU.21-09: 03nov16 pictured (pic2) in Fenix16 exercise with UME
2258 as332b HU.21-17: pictured as /ET-515 at Cuatro Vientos
2485 as532ul HU.21-54: ET-654; ex HT.21-54 HU.21L-54; FAMET BHELMA II; w/o 29jan07 crash while fl+
2465 as532ul HU.21L-52: FAMET ex HT.21-52 re registered to HT.27-04
2486 as532ul HU.21L-55: FAMET; ex HT.21-55; 24+25jul99 BHELTRA V./ET-655 Fairford air show; reregi+
2515 as532ul HU.21L-57: ET-657 BHELMA II; w/o 16aug05 Afghanistan
2530 as532ul HU.21L-59: ET-659; w/o 16aug05 near Herat, Afghanistan
2539 as532ul HU.21L-61: FAMET re registered to HT.27-13
2562 as532ul HU.21L-62: FAMET re-registered to HT.27-14
2583 as532ul HU.21L-65: FAMET ex F-ZKBH re registered to HT.27-17
Eurocopter France F-ZKBH: Eurocopter toward HU.21L-65
2733 as532al HU.27-01: ET-668 Cougar MK-1
Military Emergencies Unit HU.27-01: 10mar15 asg UME picture during exercise Gamma Daimiel 15; pictured
2738 as532al HU.27-02: ET-669 Cougar MK-1 d/d Dec10, test serial F-ZKBC
Military Emergencies Unit HU.27-02: Unidad Militar de Emergencias (UME) at Bétera; w/o 10sep15 pictured (pic2) (pic3) rolled over durin...
2758 as532al HU.27-03: ET-670 Cougar MK-1 d/d Jan11, test serial F-ZKBD
Military Emergencies Unit HU.27-03: 10mar15 asg UME during exercise Gamma Daimiel 15
Military Emergencies Unit HU.27-03: pictured at Torrejón de Ardoz during AIRE75 ( 75 Anniversary Spanish Air Force )
Military Emergencies Unit HU.27-03: flooding relief support in Cantabria
2765 as532al HU.27-04: ET-671 Cougar MK-1, test serial F-ZKBE
Military Emergencies Unit HU.27-04: 22jul18 asg UME pictured at Ceuta
13224 uh-1h Z.10B-29: ET-209. w/o 28sep78 would have been HU.10-29
13535 uh-1h 1973 Z.10B-60: ET-222
US Army Aviation 73-21847:
13602 uh-1h Z.10B-71: ET-241. w/o 20apr77 would have been HU.10-71
8197 ab206a-1 Z.12-1: FADET re-registered to HR.12-1
1952 sa319b Z.16-1: ex EC-STE. to air force as HD.16-1
Spanish Air Force HD.16-1: EdA 803-01. ex Z.16-1. ex EC-STE. preserved museum cuatro vientos
1961 sa319b Z.16-2: w/o 21may78. ex EC-STF
2048 sa319b Z.16-3: ex EC-STG. to air force as HD.16-3
Spanish Air Force HD.16-3: ex Z.16-3. w/o 18nov79
182 C/N found in this Organisation.