Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra

4th maneuver helicopter battalion
Spanish Army Aviation

1975 to present    


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BHELMA IV conduct carrier landings with USMC, 05-Mar-14 : MORÓN AIR BASE, Spain by Capt David David, Special-Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force Crisis Response - As part of a larger effort to increase international cooperation, U.S. Marines with Special-Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force Crisis Response conducted a bilateral carrier qualification with their Spanish counterparts from Maneuver Helicopter Battalion #4 (BHELMA IV) aboard USS Gunston Hall (LSD 44), Feb. 25, 2014.


1975/    El CoperoLEEC


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1985/    AS332 Super Puma

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
2205 as332b HT.21-03: ET-505. to HU.21-03; From apr2002 to end 2002 tdy based at Manas (Kyrgyzs+
2208 as332b HT.21-04: ET-506
2198 as332b HT.21-05: ET-503
2202 as332b HT.21-06: ET-504, pictured (pic1); HT.21-06; HU.21-06
HT.21-06: pictured (pic 2) at Eurocopter tarmac, Madrid Cuatro Vientos airport
2211 as332b HT.21-07: CASA. ET-501. to HU.21-07?
HT.21-07: pictured during ferry stop at Santander
2214 as332b HT.21-08: CASA. ET-502. to HU.21-08?
2229 as332b HT.21-09: CASA. ET-507, reser HU.21-09
2236 as332b HT.21-10: CASA. ET-508. to HU.21-10?
2238 as332b HT.21-11: test serial F-ZVLR
HT.21-11: CASA. ET-509. to HU.21-11?
Military Emergencies Unit HU.21-11: Feb14 asg UME
2241 as332b HT.21-12: CASA. ET-510. to HU.21-12?
HT.21-12: pictured (pic1) Eurocopter tarmac, Cuatro Vientos
HT.21-12: pictured (pic2) maintenabce works at Eurocopter tarmac Cuatro Vientos
HT.21-12: pictured (pic3) on approach to Cuatro Vientos
Military Emergencies Unit HU.21-12: Feb14 asg UME
2242 as332b HT.21-13: CASA. ET-511. to HU.21-13?
2249 as332b HT.21-14: CASA. ET-512
2250 as332b HT.21-15: CASA. ET-513. SHEL w/o 07jun99
2256 as332b HT.21-16: CASA. ET-514. to HU.21-16?
2258 as332b HT.21-17: CASA. ET-515 reser HU.21-17
2260 as332b HT.21-18: CASA. ET-516. BHELMA IV w/o 04mar00
2262 as332b HT.21-19: CASA. ET-517
2270 as332b HT.21-20: ET-518; CASA AS332B HT.21-20; AS.332B1 HU.21-20
HT.21-20: pictured (pic1) at Tenerife, Canary Islands
HT.21-20: pictured (pic2) Maintenance works at Eurocopter tarmac, Cuatro Vientos
2229 as332b HU.21-09: 2013 BHELMA IV, AS332B1 type; 2014 pictured (pic1) at PCMHEL ( Parque y C+
HU.21-09: 03nov16 pictured (pic2) in Fenix16 exercise with UME
2258 as332b HU.21-17: pictured as /ET-515 at Cuatro Vientos
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feb-97dec-98BA SFOR (stabilisation force)