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  • denmark Eskadrille 722


    Esk.722 : 722 Squadron
    Royal Danish Air Force

    1951 to present    


    Beginning in 1962, the first Alouette III arrived for the Navy as part of Esk.722, for operation from the Hvidbjornen class vessels. Towards the end of Apr 1977 (when the Danish Naval Helicopter Service was formed), these Alouette III transferred to the Navy.

    The first EH-101 Merlin arrived in Oct 2005 as the unit transitioned from the S-61A, the last of which was retired in 2010.
    No.722 Sqn was formed January 8 1951 at Vaerlose with Spitfires, Oxfords and Harvards. It moved to Alborg AFB February 8, 2004 equipped with S-61A

    This squadron rescued two American airman on 21 July 1981. They had ejected from an RF-4 Phantom over the Baltic Sea.

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    News of Eskadrille 722

    Denmark Deployed EH101 to Mali, 19-Dec-19 : #OperationBarkhane Denmark sent two EH101 helicopters with 70 support personnel to Mali to support French forces engaged in Operation Barkhane in the Sahel region. Deployment scheduled to last for at least one year


    2004/    AalborgEKYT
    1956/    KarupEKKA


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    2005/    EH101
    1965/10S-61 H-3
    1962/77SE3160 / SA316A Alouette III
    1957/66S-55 H-19


    dec-19dec-20ML Operation Barkhane
    26-jun-0827-jun-08DE SAR Meet 2008
    20-jun-0525-jun-05DE SAR meet 2005
    18-may-9828-may-98 Co-Operative Jaguar 98