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  • denmark Flyvestation Aalborg

    Aalborg, Nordjylland



    Satellite and aerial maps of Aalborg with nearby locations

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    7.7131 Aalborg Vaerft, Nordjylland
    22.9183 Støvring, Nordjylland
    40.4012EKHJ Hjorring Sygehus, Nordjylland
    50.8026EKSN Sindal, Nordjylland
    56.3047 Frederikshavn helipad, Nordjylland
    66.4170EKRD Randers, Midtjylland

    57° 5' 42.00'' N - 9° 51' 3.60'' E
    4nm NW Aalborg
    Elevation: 10 feet

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    List of units at Aalborg

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    2004/    Esk.722EH101 2005/   
    S-61 H-3 1965/10

    List of aircraft and events at Aalborg

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    By Date | By Serial

    1978 Flyvevåbnet S-61A-1 U-240
    1979-jun-01 CH-46F 154851
    1989-jun-19 HH-53C 69-5796
    1989-jun-20 HH-53C 68-8284
    1992-feb-20 MK41 8968
    1992-mar-10 HC.2 XV724
    1992-mar-11 MK90 S-256
    1992-mar-11 MK90B S-256
    1996-jan-05 HC.4 ZE425
    1997-jun-15 Aalborg Open Day299 Squadron 105CB B-70
    1997-jun-15 Aalborg Open DayHaer Fl 369HM H-207
    1997-jun-15 Aalborg Open DayHaer Fl 369HM H-209
    1997-jun-15 Aalborg Open DayPvHKmp AS550C2 P-254
    1997-jun-15 Aalborg Open DayPvHKmp AS550C2 P-288
    1997-jun-15 Aalborg Open Day298 Squadron CH-47D D-662
    1997-jun-15 Aalborg Open DayMFG5 MK41 89+58
    1997-jun-15 Aalborg Open DaySov Fl MK80 S-142
    1997-jun-15 Aalborg Open DayEsk.722 S-61A-1 U-240
    1997-jun-15 Aalborg Open DayEsk.722 S-61A-1 U-276
    1998-jul-06 HH-65 6580
    1999-jan-26 CH-47C ZA680
    1999-jan-26 RAF CH-47D ZA680
    2000-nov-22 HC.4 ZF120 / K
    2001-apr-26 HAS.5 XZ920 / CU-828
    2001-may-02 HAS.1 XV656 / N-185
    2001-may-02 HAS.3S ZF557 / 407
    2001-may-02 HM.1 ZH843
    2001-sep-05 MD520N N520AN
    2001-oct-03 MK43B 330
    2002-sep-26 S-61A-1 U-279
    2003-jan-31 CH-47D D-666
    2003-jan-31 RNLAF CH-47D D-106
    2003-jan-31 CH-47D D-105
    2003-jan-31 CH-47D D-663
    2003-feb-27 HC.3 ZJ121 / E
    2004-may-03 HAS.1 XV714 / R-188
    2004-jul-26 SA330E XW214
    2004-aug-08 S-61A-1 U-280
    2005-apr-17 HAS.3S 19202
    2006-mar-20 CH-53G 8454
    2006-apr-03 Esk.722 /M-503 MK512 M-503
    2007-jan-16 Esk.722 /M-505 MK512 M-505
    2007-jan-25 Esk.722 /M-510 MK512 M-510
    2007-jun-09 A109BA H22
    2007-jun-10 Esk.722 /M-513 MK512 M-513
    2008-feb-13 Esk.722 /M-513 MK512 M-513
    2009-mar-22 Esk.722 /M-513 MK512 M-513
    2009-jun-25 Esk.722 /M-515 MK512 M-515
    2009-jul-02 Esk.722 /M-508 MK512 M-508
    2009-aug-03 Esk.722 /M-504 MK512 M-504
    2009-aug-31 Esk.722 /M-516 MK512 M-516
    2009-sep-05 Esk.722 /M-510 MK512 M-510
    2010-jun-02 Esk.722 /M-519 MK512 M-519
    2010-dec-17 Esk.722 /M-516 MK512 M-516
    2011-jun-28 Esk.722 /M-515 MK512 M-515
    2011-jul-07 Esk.722 /M-507 MK512 M-507
    2011-oct-13 Esk.722 /M-508 MK512 M-508
    2011-oct-13 Esk.722 /M-517 MK512 M-517
    2012-jan-12 Esk.722 /M-520 MK512 M-520
    2012-jan-31 Esk.722 /M-512 MK512 M-512
    2012-mar-27 Esk.722 /M-507 MK512 M-507
    2012-mar-27 Esk.722 /M-518 MK512 M-518
    2012-may-30 Esk.722 /M-504 MK512 M-504
    2012-jun-09 Esk.722 /M-517 MK512 M-517
    2012-jun-09 Esk.722 /M-519 MK512 M-519
    2013-may-31 Esk.722 /M-520 MK512 M-520
    2013-jun-12 Esk.722 /M-513 MK512 M-513
    2013-jun-25 Esk.722 /M-504 MK512 M-504
    2013-jun-29 Esk.722 /M-519 MK512 M-519
    2013-oct-03 Esk.722 /M-502 MK512 M-502
    2013-oct-03 Esk.722 /M-504 MK512 M-504
    2014-apr-19 Esk.722 /M-518 MK512 M-518
    2015-oct-03 Nordic Air Ambulance A/S EC135P2+ LN-OOZ
    2016-jun-09 Nordic Air Ambulance A/S EC135P2+ LN-OOW
    2016-jul-10 Esk.722 /M-508 MK512 M-508
    2018-jun-09 Esk.722 /M-512 MK512 M-512
    2018-jun-10 Esk.722 /M-510 MK512 M-510
    2019-may-28 Bundespolizei H215 D-HEGR
    2019-may-28 Bundespolizei H215 D-HEGQ
    2019-aug NLA AS EC135T3 LN-OUK
    2020-apr-19 NLA AS EC135T3 LN-OUK

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