germany Marinefliegergeschwader 5


MFG5 : Naval Aviation Wing 5
German Navy

1958 to present    


Marinefliegergeschwader 5
Stationed at Kiel-Holtenau, operates Sea Kings Mk41 in SAR role

01jan58 - Marine-Seenotstaffel (Navy-SAR Sqd) in Kiel-Holtenau.
18jun58 - First Sycamore arrived.
16jul59 - Renaming Marine-Seenotstaffel (Naval-SAR Sqd) into Marine-Dienst- und Seenotgruppe (Naval Service- and SAR Group).
01oct61 - Renaming Marine-Dienst- und Seenotgruppe (Naval Service- and SAR Group) into Marine-Dienst- und Seenotgeschwader (Naval Service- and SAR Wing).
25oct63 - Renaming Marine-Dienst- und Seenotgeschwader (Naval Service- and SAR Wing) into Marinefliegergeschwader 5 (Naval Air Wing 5).
30may67 - Sycamore fast flight.
Kiel-Holtenau is also called Home of the Naval Air Wings, every NAW started here. There are still plans to close the Air Base and concentrate the helicopters at NAW3 in Nordholz

Official Farewell from Kiel on Sat 23th June 2012. MFG5 (NAW5) will be based in Nordholz/Germany, together with MFG3 (NAW3).

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2012/    NordholzETMN


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2014/    ec135
1973/    Sea King
1963/74S-58 H-34
1958/67Type 171 Sycamore


23-jun-1223-jun-12 Fly out MFG-5 Kiel
17-may-1021-may-10BE SAR meet 2010
may-09may-09NL SAR meet 2009
20-jun-0525-jun-05 SAR meet 2005

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