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Westland Sea King
germany Marineflieger

German Navy

Marineflieger Sea King

Marineflieger Sea King
The Mk.41 was the first export sale of the Westland Sea King. Twenty-two were ordered in May 1969 fitted for Search and Rescue (SAR) with an enlarged cabin, more fuel and without sonar. First example flew in March 1972 and they were all delivered between April 1973 and September 1974 to MFG 5. One early write off (Jan 1974) resulted in a replacement airframe being delivered.

They were upgraded between 1986 and 1988 receiving a Ferranti Seaspray radar in a nose radome adding the capability to carry Sea Skua anti-ship missiles.

In March 2015, after years of delay, 18 NH90 NTH Sea Lion maritime helicopters were authorized as replacement of the Sea King which will be retired in 2024.

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Germany Delivers Six Sea King to Ukraine

Germany Delivers Six Sea King to Ukraine

25-Jan-24 - Germany will donate six Westland Sea King Mk.41 helicopters from its Naval Aviation to Ukraine #Ukraine
Sixteen Sea King for HeliOperations

Sixteen Sea King for HeliOperations

12-Aug-19 - Sixteen former Royal Navy and Royal Air Force Sea King Helicopters were handled over to HeliOperations at Portland. They will use be to train pilots and crewmen of the Federal German Navy under a longstanding inter-governmental arrangement #SeaKing
German Navy Sea King Simulator Upgrade

German Navy Sea King Simulator Upgrade

16-May-17 - CAE announced at the International Training and Education Conference (ITEC) that completed a major upgrade on the German Navy’s Sea King MK41 helicopter simulator located at Nordholz Naval Airbase
Koksijde SAR Meet 2016

Koksijde SAR Meet 2016

07-Oct-16 - Belgium with Austria, Germany and Poland taking part of Search and Rescue SAR Meet 2016 at Koksijde, October 10-14


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1973/74UK RN RNFTURNAS Culdrose
1973-    MFG5 Nordholz
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