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  • germany Flughafen Sylt

    Sylt, Schleswig-Holstein



    Satellite and aerial maps of Westerland with nearby locations

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    28.2154EDXY Wyk auf Foehr, Schleswig-Holstein
    36.5289EKBU Butendiek OWF, Offshore Germany
    59.6223DE05 Amrumbank West OWF, Offshore Germany
    67.1219DE06 Nordsee Ost OWF, Offshore Germany
    68.1102EDXF Flensburg-Schaeferhaus, Schleswig-Holstein
    68.1130EDXJ Husum Schwesing, Schleswig-Holstein

    1962 to 1968

    54° 54' 48'' N - 8° 20' 26'' E
    Westerland Sylt
    Elevation: 50 feet

    History of this Location

    Westerland was occupied by the British in mid 1945 and renamed RAF Sylt in Sep 1945. It was handed back to West Germany in 1961 when the RAF withdrew.

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    List of units at Westerland

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1972/97MarinefliegerlehrgruppeLynx mk88 1981/97
    Sea King 1973/97
    S-58 H-34 1969/74
    1962/68MFG4S-58 H-34 1963/68
    1955/61UK APS Sylt

    List of aircraft and events at Westerland

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    1957-sep-16 AccidentAPS Sylt Sycamore 4 XG513
    1992-jan-16 3 CBAS AH1 XZ605
    1992-jan-16 3 CBAS AH1 ZD282
    1992-jan-16 3 CBAS AH1 XZ180
    1992-jan-16 3 CBAS AH1 XZ182
    2003-nov-11 AB412SP R-03
    2004-jan-30 SA330E ZA939

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