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    Naval Air Training Group
    German Navy

    1969 to 1997    


    The Marinefliegerlehrgruppe was no flying unit, but all naval air maintanance personal was trained in this unit. The training includes all types of flying material of German naval air, including Starfighter and Tornado of MFG1&2. Only the w/o Sea King 89+61 WA 765 was stationed in Westerland/Sylt (because of the crash in 1974 not flyable). Training with other helicopters happened in following way: The helicopters fly in, had been dis- and reassembled due training a couple of times and transported to Manufacturer-Maintanance by ship.

    26mar63 - Marinefliegerlehrgruppe (Naval Air Training Group) at Eckernfoerde.
    01jul65 - Marinefliegerlehrgruppe (Naval Air Training Group) disbanded. 01oct68 - Marinefliegerlehrgruppe (Naval Air Training Group) in Jagel (home of MFG 1/NAW 1)
    01nov69 - Trainingservice Survival on Sea at Nordholz Air Base.
    01jan72 - Moving to Westerland/Sylt.
    01oct93 - Trainingservice Sea Survival at Nordholz Air Base moved to MFG 3 (NAW 3).
    31jul97 - Marinefliegerlehrgruppe (Naval Air Training Group) disbanded.

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    1981/97Lynx mk88
    1973/97Sea King
    1969/74S-58 H-34

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