Westland Lynx mk88
germany Marineflieger

German Navy

Del'd: 19 - 1981 to 2003

  • Marineflieger Lynx mk88
  • Marineflieger Lynx mk88

Marineflieger Lynx mk88
Sea Lynx Mk 88 entered service with the German Navy between 1979 and 1985. The aircraft were purchased in three batches.
Four aircraft were lost during the years of service. Between 1998 and 2001 seven new built aircraft were purchased from manufacturer Westland Helicopters Ltd., forming the 4th batch. The remaining 15 Sea Lynx Mk 88 were upgraded into the Mk 88 A by Eurocopter Germany. The fleet of German Navy Sea Lynx now consists of 22 aircraft, all Mk 88 A standard. The new standard has improved all wheather capabilities, equipped with a 360 degree Marconi Sea Spray 3000 radar, FLIR and GPS.
The usual roles are ASW/ASuW, SAR, troop and cargo transport. For ASW, the aircraft will be equipped with a Bendix dipping sonar and torpedoes Mk46 and Mk4A1.
As ASuW becomes more important, German Sea Lynx are able to fire Sea Skua Missiles and carry a .50 Cal. machine gun, the FN Herstal M3M. The aircraft are based at Naval Air Wing 3, Nordholz and are flown by 3rd Squadron. Sea Lynx are part of the F122 and F123 class frigates.
15 mk88 survivors + 7 new built Super Lynx 100, all to Mk88a standard, were in service in 2002

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1981/00MFG3 Nordholz


AO 404 Elbe class

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    220     83+01: ex G-BIHJ. w/o 03dec93
    223 1981     83+02: wfu. ex G-BIHK. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 422
Westland G-BIHK: f/f 18 Jun 1981 as G-BIHK (reg Oct 1980, de-reg Feb 198+
    225 1981     83+03: rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 404
Westland G-BIHL: Westland Oct80-Sep81
    231     83+04: wfu. ex G-BIHM. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 427
    246     83+05: wfu. ex G-17-25. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 419
    252 1982     83+06: wfu. ex G-17-26. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 414
- 83+06: ff G-17-26 16 Apr 1982
    258     83+07: wfu. ex G-17-27. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 421
    261     83+08: ex G-17-28. w/o 30oct99
    263     83+09: wfu. ex G-17-29. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 412
    266     83+10: wfu. ex G-17-30. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 429
    269     83+11: wfu. ex G-17-31. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 417
    272     83+12: wfu. ex G-17-32. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 428
    326     83+13: wfu. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 423
    327     83+14: w/o 16feb00 crashed into the Caribbean Sea, 32km W off Curac+
    341     83+15: wfu. ex ZG867. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 430
    342 1988     83+16: Germany navy f/f 19aug88, test serial ZG868; d/d 08sep88; +
    343     83+17: wfu. ex ZG869. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 415
    344     83+18: wfu. ex ZG870. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 420
    345     83+19: wfu. ex ZG871. rebuilt as Mk88a c/n 413

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