united kingdom Foreign Training Unit

Fleet Air Arm


1973 to 1976    

Following the success of the Indian and Norwegian training experience and as the pace of Westlands overseas sales of the Sea King picked up, the Foreign Training Unit was created to give continuity to the courses, as new customers appeared with their own airframes on which to train.

Teams from these countries were trained:
* German Mk 41 Jul 1973 - Nov 1974
* Australian Mk 50 Oct 1974 - (?) Dec 1974
* Pakistani Mk 45 Jan 1975 - Oct 1975
* Egyptian Mk 47 Sep 1975 - Mar 1976
* Belgian Mk 48 Jun 1976 - Nov 1976

and the unit disbanded, before attention shifted to the initial training of the Royal Air Force on the Sea King HAR.3.

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1973/76RNAS CuldroseEGDR


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1976Force AĆ©rienne Belge Sea King Mk.48
1975Pakistan Navy Sea King     Sea King Mk.45
1975/76Egyptian Navy Sea King Mk.47
1974Fleet Air Arm (RAN) Sea King     Sea King Mk.50
1973/74Marineflieger Sea King     Sea King Mk.41


25-jan-7525-jan-75 mv Lovat rescue
16-jan-7416-jan-74 Rescue from ss Merc Enterprise