Westland Sea King
pakistan Pakistan Navy

Del'd: 14 - 1974 to present

Pakistan Navy Sea King

Order for 6 Sea King Mk45 (basically similar to the RN HAS.1) placed in Dec 1972. This order essentially introduced aviation operations to the Pakistan Navy, following the 1971 war with India. Delivered in two batches of 3 in Nov 1975 and Oct 1976, they operate primarily in the Anti-Submarine Warfare role with up to 4 Mk46 torpedos and at least 5 have been modified to take a pair of AM39 Exocet missiles for the Anti-Shipping role, following weapons trials in 1976 and 1977. By May 1995 a contract to add a dipping sonar system was nearing completion and conversions became known as the Mk45A, with the final aircraft completed in Sep 1996. The Sea King is mainly shore based but can operate from the Navy destroyers and larger frigates.
On May 2017, Pakistan navy acquired 7 former Royal Navy Sea King HC.4

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Pakistan Navy New Sea Kings Refurbishment, 08-Jun-17 : Pakistan Navy acquired 7 former Royal Navy Sea Kings. Three are being refurbished by Vector Aerospace at its Fleetlands facility in Gosport, UK in order to return to service


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1975Fleet Air Arm (Royal Navy)
RNAS Culdrose
1975/    111 squadron PNS Mehran / Sharea Faisal


AO Poolster class

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

wa1010 har.3a ZH544 flew for the first time in 2 1/2 years after a D1 min+
Royal Air Force ZH544: HAR.3A 22 Sq A Flt by Jul 1999

22 Sq A Flt by Aug 1999

RAF in 2007 22Sqn. C Flt.

30aug10 pictured (top) at Bude Lifeboat Day

pictured (bot) as 22 Sqn Sierra 170 at RNAS Culdrose

retired from RAF service, to Gosport 26 Nov 2015.

Royal Norwegian Air Force : acquired for sacrifical spares for RNoAF Mk.43 fleet ?

- ZH544: Jul17, Although it was reported at the time of its reti+
wa 797 mk45 1974     4510: 111 sqd, test serial GG-BNCV
wa 798 mk45 1974     4511: to 111 sqd, test serial G-BNCU
wa 799 mk45 1974     4512: to 111 sqd, test serial G-17-23
wa 800 mk45 1974     4513: To 111 Sq. w/o 8 Feb 1986. Replaced by Mk45A 4516 in Jan 198+
wa 801 mk45 1974     4514: to 111 sqd, test serial G-BCNW
wa 802 mk45 1974     4515: to 111 sqd, test serial G-17-266
wa 959 has.5 1986     4516: Mk.45A; to 111 sqd jan1989. ex RN Has.5 ZE421
Royal Navy ZE421: RN HAS.5; to ZG935 Westland; 1989 Pakistan as Mk.45A 45+

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