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Royal Pakistan Navy came in to being on 14 Aug 1947 when Pakistan ceded from India. The title Royal was dropped in 1956 when Pakistan became an Islamic Republic. To tide Pakistan over until it could develop its own naval architect and warship building programme following the expiry of leases on ex-US Navy warships, discussions were entered with the UK Government. 2 ex-RN Broad Beam Leander Class Frigates were acquired in 1988 and refitted by 1993, together with 6 ex-RN Amazon Class Frigates by 1994, together with 3 Lynx for 222 Squadron.
Naval Aviation was born effectively on 28 May 1974, when the first Westland Sea King Mk45 was delivered and rotary wing operations were also introduced into Pakistan Navy service.
A small number of Pakistan's naval assets were effectively impressed into the Bangladesh Navy when it ceded from Pakistan on 26 Mar 1971.
Pakistan's Tariq (ex Amazon) Class Frigates, PNS Tariq (F181), PNS Babur (F182), PNS Khaibar (F183), PNS Badr (F184), PNS Shah Jehan (F185) and PNS Tippu Sultan (F186) can operate 1 Lynx or 1 Alouette III.
Pakistan's Zulfiquar (ex Broad Beam Leander) Class Frigates, PNS Zulfiquar (F262) and PNS Shamsher (F263) operate 1 Alouette III.
Aviation-capable auxilliaries include the ex-Dutch (Poolster Class) Replenishment Oiler, PNS Moawin (A20) with 3 helicopters and the ex-Chinese (Fuqing Class) Fleet Oiler, PNS Nasr (A47) with 1 Sea King Mk45 or 1 Alouette III.
pakistan naval air arm has three helicopter squadrons. 111squadron: seaking mk45 222 squadron: lynx helicopters 333 squadron alouette III helicopters  


Pakistan Navy New Sea Kings Refurbishment, 08-Jun-17 : Pakistan Navy acquired 7 former Royal Navy Sea Kings. Three are being refurbished by Vector Aerospace at its Fleetlands facility in Gosport, UK in order to return to service

Pakistan Navy Alouette III on USS Makin Island, 20-Jan-17 : An ill sailor from PNS Tariq, on patrol in the Gulf of Aden, was evacuated to the USNS Amelia Earhart (T-AKE 6) and then flown to the USS Makin Island (LHA-8) for medical treatment.

List of Units

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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    111 squadron1975 --
    222 squadron1994 --
    333 squadron1977 --

Bases and Locations

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Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
   PNS Mehran / Sharea Faisal111 squadron 1975/   
222 squadron 1994/   
333 squadron 1977/   

Model Types

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  Harbin Z-92009
  Westland Lynx319942009
  SNIA Alouette III1977
  Westland Sea King141974

List of Aircraft

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Sea King HAR.3A wa1010 : 01nov17 ZH544 flew for the first time in 2 1/2 years after a D1 m ...
SA316B Alouette III 1998 : ex UAE
SA316B Alouette III 1996 : ex UAE
SE3160 / SA316A Alouette III 1375 19661375 : Pakistan Navy, ex Dutch H-75
Lynx HAS2 001 197621 : Pakistan Navy; has.3 type, ex XZ227, d/d Sep94; 2009 put on sale
Lynx HAS2 049 197722 : conv has.3 type; ex XZ240; d/d Pakistan Sep94
Lynx HAS2 006 197623 : conv has.3 type ex XZ231 d/d Pakistan Jun95
SA319B Alouette III 2388 36 : 03jul05 aboard PNS Tippu Sultan during Portsmouth Navy Days
: 05nov14 pictured asg Aslat (FFG 254) during International Mine C ...
Sea King Mk.45 wa 797 19744510 : 111 sqd, test serial GG-BNCV
Sea King Mk.45 wa 798 19744511 : to 111 sqd, test serial G-BNCU
Sea King Mk.45 wa 799 19744512 : to 111 sqd, test serial G-17-23
Sea King Mk.45 wa 800 19744513 : To 111 Sq. w/o 8 Feb 1986. Replaced by Mk45A 4516 in Jan 1989.
: UK test serial G-17-24
Sea King Mk.45 wa 801 19744514 : to 111 sqd, test serial G-BCNW
Sea King Mk.45 wa 802 19744515 : to 111 sqd, test serial G-17-266
Sea King HAS.5 wa 959 19864516 : Mk.45A; to 111 sqd jan1989. ex RN Has.5 ZE421

15 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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