DE 702 Class

Support Ship


Support Ship 702 Class

The Type 702 Berlin class replenishment ships carry fuel, provisions, ammunition and other material and also provide medical services (43 hospital beds).
Onboard there are 84 Containerplaces. Total capacity of loading: 7600t marine diesel, 490t aviation fuel, 126t lubricating oil, 71 t boiler feed water, 100 tonnes of consumer goods, 1075 t goods and 230 tonnes of food
The Type 702 class ships are the largest vessels of the Deutsche Marine (German Navy) and called Einsatzgruppenversorger (EGV) which can be translated as task force supplier though the official translation in English is combat support ship.

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Sea Lion Tested for Safe Landings on Ships

Sea Lion Tested for Safe Landings on Ships

20-Apr-23 - Germany Naval Aviation new helicopters NH90 Sea Lion completed evaluation for landing and take-off from ships in all weather conditions #SeaLion


20240full load (tn)
173.70length (m)
24beam (m)
7.60draught (m)
20max speed (knots)
17088power (shp)

2Naval Engine diesel - MAN 12V 32/40

4Naval Gun Mauser MLG 27 mm

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Typical Max
DE German Navy Westland Sea King 12


DE FSG Shipbuilders - 2

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2001--DEGerman Navy A1411BerlinDRKA - BE
2002--DEGerman Navy A1412Frankfurt am MainDRKB - FF
2013--DEGerman Navy A1413BonnDRKC - BN

3 units


2010-jul-03Port VisitPort Visit DE A1411 Berlin 3+4 July participated with Fleet Days Zeebrugge Belgium.
2013-may-03Port VisitPort Visit DE A1412 Frankfurt am Main visit after exercise Joint Warrior
2013-sep-20CommissionedCommissioned DE A1413 Bonn at Wilhelmshaven
2015-oct-05DeploymentDeployment DE A1411 Berlin Operation Sophia departed Wilhelmshaven for 10 week deployment to EU operations in the Mediterranean, relieving FGS Werra in Augusta on 14 Oct. Returned to Wilhelmshaven a day early on 2 Feb 2016.
2016-jun DE A1413 Bonn SNMG2 part of SNMG2
2017-mar-16 DE A1412 Frankfurt am Main Damaged her stern while entering Wilhelmshaven. Withdrawn from JW 17-1.
2017-mar-24DeploymentDeployment DE A1413 Bonn Exercise Joint Warrior 17-1 Participated in Joint Warrior 17-1, in Scottish Training Areas. Flagship of NATO SNMG2
2018-sep-06DeploymentDeployment DE A1413 Bonn disembarked MFG3 Sea King 89+57 for visit to Helioperations at Osprey Quays, Portland.
2018-sep-07Port VisitPort Visit DE A1411 Berlin visited HMNB Portsmouth to replenish own stores.
2019-jun-13DeploymentDeployment DE A1411 Berlin BALTOPS 19 Replenishment at Sea with USS Fort McHenry in Baltic, during BALTOPS 19.
2019-jun-19DeploymentDeployment DE A1413 Bonn BALTOPS 19 Replenishment at Sea with ORP General K. Pulaski in Baltic, during BALTOPS 19.
2019-oct-05DeploymentDeployment DE A1411 Berlin Exercise Joint Warrior 19-2 arrived on the west coast, for JW 19-2.

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