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  • denmark Danyard Aalborg

    Aalborg, Nordjylland



    Satellite and aerial maps of Aalborg Vaerft with nearby locations

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    5.2267 Molholm HLS, Nordjylland
    7.7311EKYT Aalborg, Nordjylland
    19.1201 Støvring, Nordjylland
    44.7004EKHJ Hjorring Sygehus, Nordjylland
    53.4018EKSN Sindal, Nordjylland
    56.0040 Frederikshavn helipad, Nordjylland

    1912 to 2005

    57° 2' 56'' N - 9° 56' 44.5'' E

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    List of ships built at Aalborg Vaerft

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    1960Coast Guardsiceland Odinn class
    1963Corvette Hvidbjørnen class
    1968Coast Guardsiceland Aegir class
    1976Corvette Beskytteren class
    1979Corvette Niels Juel class

    1960IS Odinn Odinn class
    1962-apr-16DK F349 KDM Vædderen Hvidbjørnen class
    1962-dec-18DK F351 KDM Fylla Hvidbjørnen class
    1968IS Aegir Aegir class
    1975-may-29DK F340 KDM Beskytteren Beskytteren class
    1978-feb-17DK F354 KDM Niels Juel Niels Juel class
    1979-may-10DK F355 KDM Olfert Fischer Niels Juel class
    1980-apr-30DK F356 KDM Peter Tordenskiold Niels Juel class

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