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    Helionix is an helicopter digital avionics suite launched in March 2013 specially developed as an advanced situational awareness system. It became first operational in the EC145T2 (now Airbus H145). Then added to the H175 and later the H135 ( only EC135T3/P3 from c/n 2000 ). New Airbus models such as the H160 will also be fitted with Helionix.

    Helionix provides an interface for direct display of mission data such as maps, external camera, AIS, FLIR, ADS-B, etc. Basic functions includes an Helicopter Terrain Avoidance and Warning System (HATWS) and Synthetic Vision System (SVS)

    The global fleet surpass the 100,000 flight hours milestone on March 2018 and the 500,000 mark on July 2021

    Helionix cockpit

    Helionix functions

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    News of Helionix

    H135 Helionix Simulator in Austria, 19-Jan-22 : #Helionix Flight school RotorSky at Linz, Austria and German RS Flight Systems announce EASA qualification of the first F-Light Line Airbus EC135T3H (H135) Helionix Flight Simulation Training Device (FTD)

    Airbus Services HCare and Helionix, 22-Nov-21 : #CustomerSupport At European Rotors 2021, Airbus Helicopters unveiled two new service offers targeting its in-service legacy fleet and Helionix aircraft : HCare Classics and HDataPower

    Helionix Avionics Logs 500,000 Flight Hours, 05-Jul-21 : #Helionix The global helicopter fleet with Airbus Helionix avionics suite logs +500,000 flight hours. The state-of-the-art equipment is used by the H135 (T3/P3), H145 (D2/D3), H160, and H175 models in +500 aircraft around the world

    2,600 Flight Hours for Australian H135 Helionix, 16-Jun-21 : #Helionix Australian Aviator Group H135 helicopter reaches key milestone as Helionix world-wide fleet leader with 2,600 flight hours. Used in Helicopter Marine Pilot Transfers (HMPT) at Port Hedland

    Extra Weight and Single Cockpit for Helionix H135, 19-Dec-20 : #H135 European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certified new Alternate Gross Weight (AGW) increased up to 120 kg ~ 265 lb for EC135T3/P3 (H135) Helionix equipped helicopters. Airbus also unveiled new single pilot IFR cockpit

    Airbus H145M Flying Command Post, 29-May-20 : #H145M In collaboration with industrial partners Airbus is expanding the command, control, communications, computer, collaboration and intelligence (C5I) capabilities of the H145M helicopter

    Helionix H135 Certificated in Canada, 05-May-20 : Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) granted certification to the Airbus EC135T3H/EC135P3H (H135) helicopter equipped with the Helionix avionics suite

    02-Feb-20 - New Alternate Gross Weight for H135 #GrossWeight
    15-Aug-19 - First H145 Simulator with Helionix Step 2 and 3 #Helionix
    20-Jun-19 - First EC135T3H Medical Interior #InteriorDesign
    22-Oct-18 - First Police Helionix H135 Goes to Ceará #H135
    19-Oct-18 - Warranty Extension and Helionix Step 3 for H145 #H145
    29-Sep-18 - First Helionix ACH135 to UK’s VIP HeliGroup ACH135
    06-Apr-18 - H145 Simulator Certified with Helionix STEP 2
    02-Mar-18 - Helionix Fleet Surpass 100,000 Flight Hours
    04-Sep-17 - Norsk Luftambulanse First Civilian with Helionix H135
    07-Mar-17 - STAT MedEvac First US Operator of Helionix’ H135
    16-Nov-16 - EASA Certification for Helionix in the H135
    11-Oct-16 - 20th Anniversary of the H135 Family
    07-Mar-13 - Helionix, the Future of Avionics by Eurocopter

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