morocco Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie Air Squadron

Al-Darak al-Malikiy

Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie

1962 to present    

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2012/    EC135T2+
2010/    EC145

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
9344 ec145 2010 CN-BZE: Gendarmerie ex D-HADW
Eurocopter Germany D-HADW: Eurocopter toward CN-BZE
9369 ec145 2010 CN-BZF: Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie; 23apr14 pictured at Marrakech Air show.
Eurocopter Germany D-HADO: Eurocopter Germany, to CN-BZF
0978 ec135t2+ 2011 CN-BZK: Gendarmerie
CN-BZK: 23apr14 pictured at Marrakech Air show
Eurocopter Germany D-HECW: Eurocopter Germany, to CN-BZK
0986 ec135t2+ 2011 CN-BZL: Gendarmerie ex D-HBCE
Eurocopter Germany D-HBCE: Eurocopter toward CN-BZL
0999 ec135t2+ 2011 CN-BZM: Gendarmerie ex D-HCBJ
Eurocopter Germany D-HCBJ: Eurocopter to CN-BZM
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