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1985/    JuhuVAJJ


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2010/    AS350B3 Ecureuil
1999/    AS365N3 Dauphin 2
1998/    407
1996/    Mi-172
1993/    206L-4 Long Ranger
1985/    SA365N Dauphin 2

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
356C03 Mi-172 1996 VT-ASM: Pawan Hans
6209 sa365n VT-EKZ: Pawan Hans (PHE), test serial F-WYMW; cancelled
6210 sa365n VT-ELA: Pawan Hans (PHE); w/o 08may01 collided with a hill at Sessa, Arunachal Pra+
6211 sa365n 1986 VT-ELB: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Nov86
VT-ELB: 23jul14 at Kolkata Behala airport
6212 sa365n VT-ELC: Pawan Hans (PHE), test serial F-WYMJ; w/o 25may97 ditched into sea near Sa+
6213 sa365n 1986 VT-ELD: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Dec86
VT-ELD: 18jan14 wheels stuck in concrete Birbhum helipad
6214 sa365n 1986 VT-ELE: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Dec86
6215 sa365n VT-ELF: Pawan Hans (PHE); w/o 30oct03 ditched into sea near Agatti Island. 1 fatal+
6217 sa365n 1986 VT-ELG: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Dec86
6233 sa365n VT-ELH: Pawan Hans (PHE); w/o 26aug88 Bay of Bengal
6236 sa365n 1986 VT-ELI: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Feb87
6239 sa365n 1987 VT-ELJ: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Feb87
6245 sa365n 1986 VT-ELK: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Feb87
6246 sa365n 1987 VT-ELL: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Mar87
6248 sa365n 1987 VT-ELM: Pawan Hans (PHL) from Mar87, pictured
6254 sa365n 1987 VT-ELN: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Jul87
6255 sa365n VT-ELO: Pawan Hans (PHE); w/o 15dec89 crashed into river Ganges. 7 fatalities
6260 sa365n 1987 VT-ELP: Pawan Hans (PHE) from May87
6261 sa365n 1987 VT-ELQ: Pawan Hans (PHE) from May87
6268 sa365n 1987 VT-ELR: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Aug87
6273 sa365n 1987 VT-ELS: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Sep87
6278 sa365n 1987 VT-ELT: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Aug87
6094 sa365n 1987 VT-ENW: Pawan Hans from May98
6126 sa365n 1987 VT-ENX: Pawan Hans from Mar08
6163 sa365n 1987 VT-ENZ: Pawan Hans from May95
52019 206l-4 1993 VT-PHA: Pawan Hans from Apr93
Bell Helicopter N61974: Bell Helicopter 1993, test serial C-GLZU
52142 206l-4 1995 VT-PHD: Pawan Hans from May96
Bell Helicopter N64080: Bell Helicopter Aug95-May96
52159 206l-4 1996 VT-PHE: Pawan Hans from May96
Bell Helicopter N9217Z: Bell Helicopter Feb/May 1996
356C06 Mi-172 1996 VT-PHF: Pawan Hans from Dec96; w/o 19apr11 Near Tawang Town, Tawang district. 17 f+
356C07 Mi-172 1996 VT-PHG: Pawan Hans from Dec96
53210 407 1997 VT-PHH: Pawan Hans from Jan98
Bell Helicopter N52263: Bell Helicopter Oct97-Jan98
53212 407 1997 VT-PHI: Pawan Hans from Jan98
VT-PHI: to Antarctica as part of XVIII Indian expediiton
Bell Helicopter N52265: Bell Helicopter Oct97-Jan98
6628 as365n3 2002 VT-PHJ: Pawan Hans from Oct02, pictured
6631 as365n3 2002 VT-PHK: Pawan Hans from Jan03
VT-PHK: w/o 04aug15 crashed in Arunachal Pradesh, India. 3 fatalities
6682 as365n3 2004 VT-PHL: Pawan Hans from Aug04, test serial F-WQDF
6684 as365n3 2004 VT-PHM: Pawan Hans from Oct04, pictured
53617 407 2004 VT-PHN: Pawan Hans from Dec04
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FCBU: Bell Canada Sep/Dec 2004
6734 as365n3 2006 VT-PHO: Pawan Hans from May06, test serial F-WWOA
6736 as365n3 2006 VT-PHP: Pawan Hans from 2006, test serial F-WWOU; w/o 27sep07 at Karavatti
53689 407 2006 VT-PHQ: Pawan Hans from Jun06
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FIAL: Bell Canada Mar/Jun 2006
6774 as365n3 2007 VT-PHR: Pawan Hans from Sep07, test serial F-WWOK
6775 as365n3 2007 VT-PHS: Pawan Hans from Oct07, test serial F-WQDO
7010 as350b3 2010 VT-PHU: Pawan Hans from Aug10
7028 as350b3 2010 VT-PHV: Pawan Hans from Aug10
6916 as365n3 2010 VT-PHW: Pawan Hans from Jun10
6918 as365n3 2010 VT-PHX: Pawan Hans from Aug10
6922 as365n3 2010 VT-PHY: Pawan Hans from Sep10
6923 as365n3 2010 VT-PHZ: Pawan Hans from Dec10; 28jun13 tail boom dmg near Harsil, Uttarakhand
6929 as365n3 2010 VT-PWA: Pawan Hans from Feb11; 24nov15 damaged at Meluri helipad, Nagaland Phek+
VT-PWA: w/o 13jan18 37 nm offshore Mumbai. 7 fatalities
6930 as365n3 2011 VT-PWB: Pawan Hans from Jun11
6932 as365n3 2011 VT-PWC: Pawan Hans from Jun11
6848 as365n3 2011 VT-PWD: Pawan Hans from Mar12
6787 as365n3 VT-PWE: Pawan Hans from Mar12
6946 as365n3 2011 VT-PWF: Pawan Hans from Mar12; w/o 04nov15 82nm W of Mumbai
365C239 Mi-172 2012 VT-PWG: Pawan Hans from Sep12
365C240 Mi-172 2012 VT-PWH: Pawan Hans from Sep12
6536 as365n3 1997 VT-SOK: Pawan Hans from Feb99
Eurocopter Malaysia F-OHVG: Eurocopter South East Asia Jan/Oct 1998
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