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  • germany Transporthubschrauberregiment 30


    THR30 : Transport Helicopter Regiment 30
    German Army Aviation

    2003 to present    

    heer thr30

    In 2003 HFR30 renamed in THR30

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    News of Transporthubschrauberregiment 30

    Germany Retires UH-1D Huey, 27-Jun-21 : #Retired Germany Armed Forces retired the last UH-1D Huey helicopters after more than half a century of service. Dornier built 340 UH-1Ds for the German Air Force and Army. Search and rescue (SAR) units now flies the Airbus H145

    H145 LUH SAR Enters Service in the Bundeswehr, 06-Jul-20 : #H145 The Airbus H145 LUH SAR (Light Utility Helicopter, Search and Rescue) helicopter officially entered service in the German Army Aviation (Heeresflieger) replacing the UH-1D Huey

    First H145 LUH SAR to Replace Bundeswehr Huey, 10-Dec-19 : #SearchAndRescue The first of 7 H145/EC145T2 to replace the German Armed Forces’ (Bundeswehr) search and rescue UH-1D Huey was delivered ahead of schedule. Last one to be delivered in 2021

    Germany Orders H145 LUH SAR to Replace UH-1D, 13-Dec-18 : #H145 Germany ordered 7 H145 / EC145T2 in Search and Rescue (SAR) configuration to replace UH-1D at Niederstetten, Holzdorf and Nörvenich.


    2003/    NiederstettenETHN


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    2020/    H145 / EC145T2
    2014/    NH90 TTH

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